D.I.Y Day | How To Crochet A Rag Rug for Recycle Week

Cactus pillow: Made by me from an old top and cushion how to coming soon.

If you haven't heard it's Recycle week 18th-24th, if you're a new reader *stands up with hand in the air 'Hello I'm Laura and I'm an upcycle addict'. I'm also a hoarder, but combining these two things means somehow I can get my craft on and try and make something beautiful and saving things from landfill. I'm also a worrier and always feel guilty throwing things away. So without sounding like I'm telling you what to do, or like I'm some perfect human who has never throw away something that could have gone to the charity shop. If you can have a quick clear out, give to friends, a charity shop, drop in some bits next time your in a store running recycling bins. Bonus, this means you get to 'treat yo self' because of course your an amazing human being that has like basically saved humanity. I decided to make this for my sons new bedroom, as the rug I had seen for them would have cost me £250 I kid you not. Now I'm planning on making more as it really doesn't take that long once you get started. 

But seriously it does feel good to either get crafty or pass it on. I was going to share this sooner, but as I knew recycle week was coming up I decide to save it so sorry for the wait. So if you have a bunch of t-shirts and old bedsheets that you are bored of, then this is a great project to get yourself a cool new rug. Rag rugs are also a hot trendy must have, but can get pricey but it's all good as a lot are fair-trade. But if you can crochet or knows someone who can, this is such a great way of getting something amazing from your old bedding. So if you are looking for a new project to hook, than here's what your going to need. 

You Will Need:

  • Yarn/Wool- Any kind you want, make sure you have a fair bit and I decided to pick colours that were in keeping with the fabrics I had. You can also use a chunky one for your final round. I always try and use what I have, got mine from charity shops and the chunky yarn from B&M. Machine wash yarn is better, I tend to avoid real wool as it's hard to wash and tends to shrink like hell. 

  • Scissors

  • Crochet hook 12.00mm - I used this size but if you prefer a bigger hook than go for it just remember your project will be bigger than mine.

  • T-Shirt for T-shirt Yarn- Make sure that your T-shirt has no side seams/joins, as you won't be able to make a good yarn from this. Here is a link to a how to on making t-shirt yarn it's really easy. I also used one that was patterned, which they say you shouldn't but when stretching it I made sure the pattern was on the inside. If you don't have any T-shirts, than ask around I'm sure a friend will have one you can use. You could also get them in the charity shop bargain bins, the bigger the top the better. You can buy T-shirt yarn but to me that seems counter productive.

Top Tip// Using T-shirt fabric for your centre piece makes this project so much easier, the yarn is more flexible makes it easier to work with. I also think it's looks neater and gives a cleaner finish

  • Bed sheets for sheet yarn - Bottom sheets as well as duvets are perfect. Have a good think about the colours as you won't see all the patterns but the colours will pop out. I laid out my fabrics before just to have an idea of how I wanted the colours to go.   

Top Tip// When making your sheet yarn, keep it thinner trying to hook a thick piece of yarn will make it impossible. My hands hurt so badly at one point, so just make sure you take your time with cutting. I ended up cutting strips and tiring knots. But there are heaps of how to videos on YouTube of how to loop it together if you prefer you can also sew it. Completely up to you. The more worn the sheets the better, as the fabric is easier to work with. 


Sadly I can't and would never take credit for this beautiful pattern even if I adjusted the outer part. This amazing pattern is by the super talented Maggie Weldon, if you prefer  watch her how to if that's easier for you for both left handed and right handed crochet. She also has the written pattern here. If your working in U.K terms, I think it's better to watch the video first. I tend to note down how many and of what stitch was used. It may seem like it takes time, but in the long run it's going to save you from making a mass of mistakes. I also found having most of my fabric ready helped, or you will spend most of your time stopping to make more. She uses solo t-shirt yarn, but like I said I used it just up to round 4. Than the rest was sheet yarn with the odd wool/yarn in-between. 

I tend to Crochet in U.S terms, I mainly learnt how to crochet from American YouTubers. I decided that once I had the centre part done, I changed the pattern on round 6 by just adding a round of single crochet in my yarn/wool. I really love how it turned out and honestly it's really easy to make. This pattern is perfect, it sits well and doesn't curl at the sides. Just remember to keep your tension loose, otherwise you will end up pulling it in and as it's a rag that's not what you want. If your tension tends to be tight, especially if your a beginner than just size up on your hook it will make a difference. You will get to a point where adding in the yarn/wool round won't effect the pattern, like I said I did this for round five. The pattern tends to be about adding on one with each round in-between stick increase of two so relative and easy to follow after completing the centre piece which is show in the video. I also did it for round 8, 10, 13 I added a row of single and double crochet for towards the outer edge, but try not to add too many or the rag will curl. 

In total I ended up with 24 rounds. Towards the user edge I stick to doing two rounds of sheet yarn to extend the colours, but honestly it's up to you. I used one t-shirt, one double bottom sheet, one coat sheet, and a double duvet. Which was defiantly to tried for the charity shop, so this was perfect. I finished the outer edge with the chunky yarn, just by adding a round on single crochet. If you like you can also sew this down on to a piece of fabric, so it has a back I decided not to do this and I was also lazy and didn't sew in the ends. As my sons play on it everyday it's flatten out, and I can tell which side is the front and back. 

So I hope this helps, sorry I can't share the pattern directly I don't own the rights. But at least this saves you looking for how to, plus this one works as I've seen many that tend to curl on the sides. If you have any questions or run into trouble than ask me on twitter @law1sfab I'm happy to help. 


  1. Earth Day is the 22nd yet I'm not familiar with Recycle Week, I'm all for it though! I've seen many rug tutorials but yours really stands out because of the colors you picked out. Love it! :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Yes I think it's a pretty new thing, maybe to help with earth day and getting people thinking more.
      Aww thank you, I really enjoyed making it x

  2. I'm really inspired to try this. I love the colours you've used, it really pops. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Go for it, I would love to see how yours turns out. x


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