How I Wear: A Rainbow Jumper & Star Jeans

More of a throw back outfit today, as I've had little time to write but now the boys are back at school and everything is settling down I can finally get back some order in my life. I've been crocheting like mad, and made two tops in under a week both of which come out oversized so I really need to pay more attention to my making sure I'm making my size. Still I'm pleased that I've had some time to do any, and it's been good practice for getting to know my size etc when it comes to crochet. You can follow all my projects over on Instagram with my hashtag #lawdoescrochet , I wanted a way of grouping it so I can see how far I've come and also to remind me when I haven't made anything to give myself a little push. I also have finally written up the Rug rag how to which I can't wait to share. 

Rainbow Jumper: Depop
Rainbow Bag: Asos - The Ragged Priest
Rainbow Scarf: Charity shop
Purple Trainers: Converse
Sunglasses: Primark*

So when it was sunny but still a little chilly in London, I decided to wear my new rainbow jumper which I nabbed off a Depop seller for under £20. I do like Depop it can be a little hit and miss, but there are a lot of bloggers on their selling some fab bits so it's defiantly worth adding. Give me all the rainbows is what I should have titled this post. I do love a vintage jumper, this one is by Zigzag and it's in great condition. I'll probably pack away most of my jumpers for summer this year as my wardrobe more of a floordrobe but I think I'll keep this one out just in case as even in summer you get those chilly evenings. 

Safe to say almost everyone in blog land has these jeans, but to be fair they are amazing and they remind me of an old pair of starry flared jeans I had back in the day that were glued to me. They are boyfriend fit, which is perfect for my what size are we again hips which seem to expand and decrease weekly. The denim is pretty soft and the rips are just enough. They are defiantly my new favourite jeans, to be fair I've been living in jeggings but it's been nice to wear real jeans again that fit perfectly. I picked up this rainbow scarf in the charity shop for a £1, and I honestly have already worn it to death. I have to stop buying winter wear now, I guess it's easy to forget that summer is around the corner. I'm looking forward to wearing more dresses. What are you looking forward to wearing this summer? 


  1. rocking it!

  2. Love this jumper on you!

    Maria xxx

  3. love this outfit, its rainbow heaven! :) x

  4. You ALWAYS have the best outfits. I love that bag so much! And the jumper!!! I've been trying to pack my jumpers away for winter but I keep finding amazing new ones in charity shops that have been shoved on sale rails to make space for summer stock. I just can't escape them!


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