April Wish List - Hello Sunshine

Rainbow Bra: Topshop | Mustard Skirt: Monki | Rainbow Pencilcase: Skinnydip | Cute bagdes: Fairycakes

This was suppose to post yesterday, but I'm not sure what happened anyway I now have Coffee so Happy Tuesday. 

Okay if I'm being honest I'm trying not to shop, not the best start when your writing a wish list but to be frank also there isn't a lot I really want. There are some things I defiantly will be treating myself to later this month, because of course I can ALWAYS find some awesome bits and pieces that I really want need. I first come across Fairycakes on Instagram, she has pins and patches as well as these hand mirrors. I need the 'I got dressed today' one so badly, I mean if you suffer with depression as I do it tickles me even more. I tend to joke about my depression a lot I think it's my way of dealing with it, I know a lot of people don't get it but each to their own. If this came in a t-shirt I'd buy it, you know spread my achievements in life joking but really not joking because depression is hell on earth. -Sorry if this upsets anyone but it's my blog so naff off. Anyway back to sunshine.. 

I used to have a massive badge/patch collection but over the years I lose so many. I'm sure you know how it feels when you find that perfect one. But yes she has a ton of awesome patches and I just can't decided which to get. Moving on rainbow bra, it's rainbow it's a bra I need it now that is all. I have a love/hate thing with pyjama, and usually end up wearing the ones I've bought for Barry. But these are super cute and perfect for warm summer evenings. While I don't really need a pencil case, I was thinking of using this as either a wallet, or for my travel makeup. I adore Skinny-dip, I really hope they do this in a bag as I just need all the rainbows. What's on your wish list? 

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  1. I would quite happily take and wear all of this myself! xx


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