How I Wear: A Rainbow Bag & Faux Fur Coat

So we have been working on the boys bedroom, and everything else has taken a back seat. I've wanted to write a bunch, but really wanted to put my all into getting the room finished. With only a few things left to do I feel like I've entered the world again, and I'm free to get back into writing and my crochet - I'll also be writing that how to on the rag rug I shared over on Instagram. We took the boys bowling yesterday with some friends, which they absolutely loved. It was so nice to be out doing something fun, and together as the boys now don't want to leave their room which I guess means we did a good job. I'm just so use to them being with me, but they are growing up and they need their space. Anyway I have a bunch of outfit photos, taken my good friend Emma that I haven't got around to sharing.

Faux Fur Coat: Debenhams*
Sequin Cat Rollneck: Charity shop
Jeans: Primark
Trainers: Cloggs* 
Rainbow Bag: UNIF style
Keyring: Primark

I'm trying to clear out as much as I can, I think I have too much and it's a case of feeling like I never have anything to wear. I tend to hang on to things I like and wear them to absolute death than get bored. I found this cute 90s style roll neck in the charity shop and I love it. Sequins and a cat, what's not to like. I love this bag too, sadly it's not the real deal as it sold out so I hunted for a copy and than was upset as the real UNIF bag was restocked. 

Utter fail, but regardless I love it and found this cute pom keyring in Primark for £3.00 to make it extra cute. I'm trying my best not to buy too much and clear some space first. While I'm looking forward to summer, I feel a bit clueless to what I want to wear. I've seen a lot of off the shoulder and stripes which I defiantly want to wear. I really like the off the shoulder look and I think you can wear it a lot of different ways. I'm on the hunt for some new jeans for summer, as I'm living in jeggings which lose all shape after a couple of wears so ends up being a massive waste of money and than I'm left thinking with the three pairs I got I could have just bought a really nice pair of jeans. 


  1. Everything about this look though!! <3 gorgeous as always Laura x

  2. So cute, love this jacket and bag, perfect x

  3. You always look fantastic!!
    That bag was just made for you



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