More Than Just A Girl #weareus

So I decided to breath life back into my YouTube, with a brand new channel I teamed up with Boohoo for their More than just a girl campaign part of #weareus. I was a teenager of the 90s were girl power was almost like a trend, it seemed we forgot all about how to embrace each other and so the mean girls era began. 

Now as social media is taking charge, it has opened up a platform for women and girls every where to embrace their bodies, minds and souls. 2016 kicked off with girl gangs everywhere, a group of girl bosses supporting each other and empowering others to spread positive vibes. This expanded out with shutting down haters, and destroying beauty standards that have rewriting the rules. It doesn't matter if your in a girl gang or not, want matters is using your voice to talk about what matters to you. Hope you enjoy the video,  and let me know what you would like to see over on my channel.  

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  1. Brilliant, love this concept...we do need more girl power!! xx


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