How I Wear: A Denim Flared Jumpsuit

It's been ages since I've posted an outfit, well to be honest it's been ages since I've posted anything. I was so ill on the half term that to be honest I thought it I ever feel like myself again. I know I always seem to get sick, I think I just have a rubbish immune system and having to boys who when ill cough in your face probably doesn't help either. Putting self pity aside and over looking my massive eye bags, I decided that I've worked to hard on my blog to just let it go. Sorry Frozen there are things you have to hold on to, I think having a break (even if it wasn't by choice) has actual helped me. I'm excited to write again, and have sometime to do something just for me. Blogging is part of my 'me' time, and I really missed it. I think March is my January I feel ready for change, and I've already started.

Faux fur Coat: Debenhams 
Blue ribbed roll neck: EBay
Denim flared jumpsuit: Boohoo
Heart bag: Primark

As I've mentioned before I'm a hoarder, and it got to a point where I literally couldn't move. So I guess okay Frozen you kinda have a point, I'm learning to let go of things. We are working on the boys room and I think that's my motivation. Get rid of things that they don't need, things that don't bring joy but cause stress because there's no room. I think 2016 has made me ruthless, and it feels great. With everything that leaves I know it's going to make their lives better. I'm binning, bagging for the charity shop and selling to make some extra cash towards the revamp. I literally can not wait to see their faces, and it feels great to know they will have more space to play and enjoy.

As I have been good, I decided to spend vouchers that I got for my birthday but instead of buying a heap just pick one thing. I've wanted a flared jumpsuit for ages, but finding one that I actually liked turned out to be a bit of a mission. As a pear shape, I'm smaller at the top and wider at the bottom. So while some looked great at the bottom, the top was all baggy and completely ill fitting. In a way I guess it's great, if you have bigger boobs they won't be squashed down. I gave up on the idea, as sometimes you have to let go. Than I remember that Boohoo had an amazing pair, I had seen them back at their London Fashion Week event. They are perfect a little big at the top, so I did sew the sides a little for the perfect fit and being a shorty I hacked the bottom. They fit perfectly, and I love that I can clip my crochet rainbows on the pockets. The weather has been awful still, so I'm still layering like my life depends on it. But it's great to be up and about again, and feeling more myself. I also have a new rule on my wardrobe which is one in and one out. To make sure I don't fall back into old ways. 


  1. Loving the rainbow details on the jumpsuit - so cute and so you!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Love all the rainbows in this outfit, and the colours are perfect <3

  3. these dungarees look amazin on you! i love how you have styled them with the rainbow accessories!

  4. Its kind of mix pop-art and casual style :) Those rainbows are sweet and without it this outfit wont be so interesting. What can I say - its no my style, but it look nice!

    blog minimalissmo

  5. Your outfits are always so fab! I especially love the clip on crochet rainbows :-)

    I feel your pain on the hoarding front! I was doing really well with clearing out last yet but this year I've been an absolute nightmare. I've started to find myself with zero space again. Good luck with it - I hope you do better than I have haha! x

  6. Aw I hope you're feeling better now! Seriously love every about this outfit, the rainbows are so cute and colourful and absolutely loving the jacket!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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