How I Wear: A Converse Hoodie

Hoodie, Top and Pink Converse trainers: JD sports*
Pink Trousers: River Island
Sliver Belt: H&M
Liquid Sarcasm Bag: Skinnydip London 

The hoodie has seen a lot, it's gone from being a hate symbol of youth that got in trouble to being a basic in most peoples wardrobe. It's pretty sad when you think about it. When I think back I still remember a lot of young people being judged instantly, that if they hadn't already committed an offence then they were more likely too because they wore a hoodie. In 2016 I would hope that people have chilled out more, and got my of a grip on reality. Realising that hoodies are comfortable, affordable and versatile so why wouldn't a younger person not have one. The hoodie has moved up and on literally, from the backs of Rappers to the backs of Rockers, if anything we should give it a little clap for making a fashion turn around.

So okay it's not fashun as such, but the hoodie does have style. I prefer grey ones, I do have one in black but I think grey tend to go with more. This All star hoodie is fab, it's so soft inside and I like that it has pockets. - I don't get why some hoodies don't have pockets. Being a mum, my sons are always given me little things to look after, so pockets are a must plus fifty percent of the time I don't know what to do with my hands so pockets save me from my own awkwardness. I like that I can wear them with anything, and I tend to grab a hoodie on grey days or days that I went to dress down more. Of course I love wearing them with jeans, but I also love wearing them with trousers. It can get a little tricky as I'm short, so I tend to turn them up and of course grab a pair of my Converse trainers. I do like some fun, so novelty bags are always a must. You know in case I remember that I'm a grown up. 

This is one way I choose to wear a hoodie today, but they are one of those piece of clothing that honestly can be throw over anything. I think of them as a faithful friend, something you cosy into on the night bus home after a crazy night out. Or wrapping around your waist, before sitting down in the park for a picnic. Letting your mate borrow it, because suddenly it's a little chilly outside, but reminding them twenty times that it's your favourite one. But you know return it whenever,  but reminding them one more time that you know it's your favourite. Then being bitter till it's returned to you, as now your chilly.  So yes it's unrated and uncelebrated, but it's actual something I couldn't be without. Do you have a hoodie? What do you wear with yours? 

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