Covering Up My Grey Hair

I don't make a secret of the fact I'm in my thirties, I'm thirty three to be exact and usually if you have dark hair you may notice a few grey hairs beginning to creep in around this age. I however am not most people and due to the fabulous genetics of my parents, inherited a grey streak at the front of my head at the ripe old age of thirteen. No it wasn't cool, no I didn't feel like Rouge from X men it just made me stand out and as a kid who was already being bullied I really didn't want to stand out. So I began dying it, month after month, year after year and than more time pasted and more grey came. Sadly I'm not fully grey, as I could dye it super bright again. Instead it's a patchy mess, and if I don't dye it I look like I have a massive bald patch. 

Schwarzkopf 056 Cocoa sparkle*

The thing with grey hair is that it's thinner, and sadly the only way to really cover it is to use a permanent dye. I've tried semi, and trust me it's a waste of time and money. The one dye I've stuck by is Schwarzkopf, I used pretty much every dye on the market and some will literally destroy your bathroom as if the formulas wrong it is a big factor in results and mess. I'm not saying they are the only good brand, but I personally find them to be less hassle and when your dying your hair yourself that's exactly what you need. Runny hair dye is never good, as also if it's not clinging to the hair enough it won't soak in, giving you a patchy look with light roots and dark ends. 

So it's also better to apply your dye to the grey areas first then the rest. Also I tend to stick to darker shades, my friend Emma who's a former hairdresser advised me if you want to go lighter I would have to stripe my hair and than dye it. As again you will end up with a patchy effect. As I've done so much damage to my from all the different colours, it's left my hair thirsty. So it's important to me to have intense colour, but use a dye that won't leave it feeling dried out. It's always good to look for dyes that are gentle and have added oils and vitamins, to help with that. I tend to use a hair treatment a couple of days later if it's really bad, just to feed the hair. They are also a bunch of cool products on the market for covering roots in between dying. There are sprays, hair powder but if I'm honest I tend to wear a hat or scarf. You don't have to cover grey, I think it can look so beautiful in my case I've been dying my hair all my life so it feels alien not to. I'm sure one day when I'm fully grey I won't cover it, I'll own it. 

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