DIY Day | Crochet Projects 001

I thought I would start a new feature, as I have shared a lot of the same things lately. I tend to crochet a lot more now as my skills improve and sometimes I hate spamming my Instagram with everything I'm working on. Also I guess it's a great way for me to keep up to date on what I've made,  and share with you patterns I've used. I also think it's handy as I can talk a little about mistakes I've made, so maybe if I repeat projects I'll know to size up or down or do it a different way. As this is my first lot of projects, I haven't made note of hooks used or wool/yarn names, but I can start to. I'm really proud of what I have made so far, and love sharing my progress shots. I managed to make these pretty quickly, but trust me I have projects that I  have gotten fed up with and put on the back burner never to be picked up again. So I am trying to make sure those do get finished. 

Flower Crochet Denim Jacket (seen above) - This is such a simple project, I picked two types of flowers to make. A basic flower and than to keep it jazz I made some puff stitch flowers. These are great for scrap yarn projects, and you can make them over a course of time. I decided to sew them on to my vintage denim jacket, it's been a little unloved so putting these on has breathed a little life back into it. 

Rainbow Crochet Vest Top - This project was a little random, I had seen crochet vest tops but they all seemed low and cropped. I wanted something more like a vest, and I knew I wanted to crochet a fun top part. After searching for how to crochet a half circle to get a rough idea, I had to work out myself how to crochet it. After three attempts i finally got to a point were I was happy. Sadly I didn't write down what I did. I'm really pleased, as I basically made this pattern myself and tailored it to fit my body. I feel like I'm really starting to develop my crochet skills now. I still have a heap to learn, but I always feel excited about learn a new pattern, stitch and building on it. 

If you read my guide for getting started, you would have seen i mention Youtube Crochet guru Bag-O-Day she is one of my favourites and I always look forward to making her projects. The following projects are via her patterns, so you fancy making yourself one than defiantly head over to her channel.  

Basic Crochet Cardigan- This pattern was for a plus size cardigan, but I sized it down as I'm still learning how to work it out my cardigan ended up being a little oversized. I still really enjoyed this project, and it was great to use this fluffy yarn to play with texture. You can add sleeves but in the end I decided not to, I'm looking forward to trying t again and trying a new colour mix. 

Crochet Summer Top- I absolutely love stripes at the moment, I think it's one of the easier trends for SS16. Again this was a plus size pattern, so it turned out oversized but I actual adore it. It suits in a swirl like way, and I just think it's beautiful, I will defiantly be making a couple more of these in different colours. I'm really pleased with how this colour combination turned out. It's a little bit Parisian but I think the neon against the navy gives it a little more of a raw feel. 

I can't wait to wear these, so you can see how I style them. I'm taking a little time out from crochet as I tend to do it every day and bigger projects tend to leave my wrist really sore. As it's pretty repetitive. I think it also gives me time to think about my next project and have look at my yarn stash. Have you crocheted anything new this month? What projects will you be working on this summer? I would love to know. I'm always looking for new patterns, new crochet blogs to read. Anyway I hope this inspires you, and if you try any of these projects hashtag #Lawdiyday so I can check yours out.


  1. Oh man I LOVE this! I'm a huge crochet fan, I need to learn how to do it! xx

  2. Oh my god..the jacket looks amazing! I am so envious because crochet looks like such a skill!

  3. Lawisfab you are just so talented - that jacket is my DREAM! I need to learn to make flowers so I can stick them on everything. So far i've only learned a granny square!


  4. Soooo dreamy! Love, love, love!! :)
    ♡ Dulce

  5. These are all amazing, I particularly love that vest!

    Maria xxx

  6. Love the blue and yellow top. My friend tried to teach me to crochet recently but I'm struggling to get the hang of it so have been sticking with knitting lately.


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