How I Wear: Yellow and Pink

Yesterday I took the boys to see Hotel Transylvania 2 with their friends, and it was actual pretty good and I found myself laughing I think more than the kids. Most of the other parents agreed that it was pretty funny, so I would definitely recommend watching it. It's silly but has heart and I always like that. I think some people forget it's a film for kids, as so many now are aimed to please all. I enjoyed it more than the minion movie as that really was a kids film, with me counting down the minutes till it was over.  

Coat and Jeans: Primark
Jelly shoes: River Island
Simpson socks and kimono: Primark 
Pink fluffy top: Select Fashion
Necklace: Sourcherry *

Films aside I have been loving pink and yellow together, I'm like a sherbet dip. But any reason to wear my Simpsons socks from Primark. I'm trying to get back into wearing my jewellery, as I've just been throwing whatever on and I think it can really make a difference for how you feel. I have been in boots a lot so broke out my jellies so I could actual see the print of the socks than it being hidden away in a boot. 

As there is now a five pence bag charge in the U.K (it's not much but it adds up) I now always bring my backpack everywhere. I did before to be honest but now it's more of I have too,  it just makes life easier and it's eco friendly plus I'll save my pennies for something really useful than a bag I'd use for rubbish after anyway.  I've like this colour combo so much that I thought I would use it in my new crochet blanket. I'm still pretty new to crochet, but really enjoy it. For my granny square I like to use four double crochet than three to make my blanket a little more full. I will be writing a post soon will how I got started and some great people to check out if your interested in self-teaching as trust me it's worth the time. I had a lovely Halloween and I hope you did too. Happy Halloween if your after a good film to watch this post has it covered. 


  1. i love that yellow coat on you -how do you always pull off colour so well?!?!?

    A Forte For Fashion


  2. I've never seen a minion movie but I really don't get why they're EVERYWHERE.

    As always, loving your colour choices, that coat is rather fab. And I reckon I'ma copy you with the byob motto xx

  3. *scrolled through to find where your beautiful coat is from*
    *audibly gasped as i read it's from Primark*
    I LOVE this outfit on you! Stunning colour combo! xxx

  4. Ahh, I love the socks and the bright yellow coat!

  5. I love this colour combination on you and those socks are so cute!

    Maria xxx


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