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As it's Halloween tomorrow I wanted to share my some Halloween films, with some of my favourites thrown in. As a massive fan of horror, thriller and anything creepy it was really hard to narrow it down, I've seen pretty much everyone going even the really bad ones as you never know. So instead I have grouped them into films that are best to watch either with family, friends or by yourself. 

Ones to watch with friends who hate horror

This film made me want to live in black clothing, and up my eyeliner game as a teenager. The Craft is not only a cult classic, but also shows the worst horror being a teenage girl - boy trouble, struggling with looks, bullying and trying to get by see the girls abuse the powers they have been given. Can their friendship survivor. 

Scream another 90s fave is a little cringe, but it's a safe bet for those that just can't take the real horror. Plus there are a bunch so your sorted for the night. 

Interview With a Vampire, Brad and Tom put other vampire films to shame. This will always be the way I want to think about Vampires, and it's creepy more than scary. 

Ones to watch with the kids

One of my all time favourite films has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas, it also works for Christmas. It has great songs that won't jar your brain, and is a beautifully told story about being bored with the everyday and the struggle we have of trying to be ourselves. 

Monster House is a film that maybe a little scary for younger kids, but is a great film that sees kids trying to work out what's wrong with the man that lives across the street from them. great family film that keeps all on their toes. 

Hocus Pocus sees the return of three witches, it's silly, fun and kids will love it. They will also do their legs a damage by trying to learn how to do the witches walk with their friends (we all gave it ago don't lie).

Harry Potter, I'm not the biggest fan (please don't hurt me), but there is nothing more magical than theses movies filled with spells, magic, growing up and blah blah they make kids believe again and I'm all for that. 

Or why not try a spooky cocktail with popcorn instead

Ones for Zombie Lovers

If you like a little tongue in cheek than ZombieLand is the movie for you. I laughed and even cried a little at this movie, but if you think the zombies aren't that vile guess again. It's a great film, one that that has a few twists and turns and will keep you hooked. 

Dawn of the Dead, now people have mixed views as their is the 1978 original and than the remake in 2004. Personally I liked them both, as 70s films tend not to that them. 

Return of the living dead is just brilliant it's so bad it's good and you will be quoting it and annoying everyone for days. It's a classic. 

World War Z, not the best zombie film (more virus film than zombies) but still a great watch for anything who likes the 'oh no you have been bite see ya'. 

(or you could just watch The Walking Dead back to back, because it's just amazeballs)

Ones for the 'nothing scares me'

I don't think I've ever been scared at a film, uneasy maybe and possible jumped a few times I'll admit. But the more grim the better. A game I that did use to scare me was Silent Hill -Don't lie it's creepy as. So when it was made into a film I thought it was going to be a massive let down. However it's actual a pretty good film, I love the costume design and it does have that WTF element about it. Don't watch the second one as that really is pants. 

REC not the American version the original is just a great watch, from the way it's shot to  being thrown in the middle of it. I also enjoyed REC Genesis, which is the third in the REC films, who doesn't like a bride having to pick up a chainsaw on her wedding day. 

Switchblade Romance is still a film I always want to watch every Halloween, the film is about a young women who goes to stay with her friend and her family. The girls end up on the run when a truck driver, murders the family. They must out smart him to get to help. This film has so many levels and even when you have finished watching it, it will linger with you. 

Here are some others that are a must watch as I have too many faves sorry and this post could be days long: 
The Shinning, Silence of the Lambs, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Manic (2013 version), Inside, The eye (2002 not the crap remake) Misery, The Omen, Carrie (the new or old version). The Saw films, Midnight meat train, As above so below, The descent (the first one was pretty good), Alien all of them they are just amazing! Hell raiser, IT - Don't watch if you hate clowns. Donnie Darko, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissor hands and any Burton film because his the king of Halloween. Bram stokers Dracula one of my all time favourite films ever!

So I'd love to hear what your favourites are to watch, maybe you can recommend some for me. Hope you have a lovely Halloween, here is a fab recipe for a Spooky cocktail using Midori Melon liqueur* and don't forget to take your plastic spiders and green cobwebs out of your popcorn. 

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