Is It Halloween Yet?

As Halloween is only days away it seems natural to wear orange. Saying that I've been wearing the colour nonstop. It's my new favourite colour and it's been my A/W go to, at the same time I try and mix it a little. As the boys are both off for school holidays, I've found it hard to keep on top of anything if I'm honest. I've had some great outfits planned, but than when it comes to putting clothing on I just want to get my biggest jumper and cocoon myself inside. So I'll probably being doing another outfit post wearing this, curly because I just want to live in a jumper. On a plus I can show you how I style it in a different way. 

Jumper: H&M
Dungaree Dress: Motel Rocks*
Glitter boots: Primark
Hat: Primark
Necklace: Gift 

Feeling sorry for myself aside, I've had a good sort out and found some of my favourite things. Like this Halloween necklace, that Sarah - from A Million Dresses gave me ages ago that she made. I'm taking the boys to the cinema to see Hotel Transylvania 2 with some friends for Halloween, and plan on getting the boys to make some bats and bits. I think it's more for me than them ha ha, I'm such a big kid for Halloween. I think they want it to be Christmas already 'Is Santa coming tomorrow?'.

We already started making salt dough Christmas decorations - It's cold, they get bored every five minutes, it keeps me sane. So it's a little like Nightmare Before Christmas, as we have mini christmas trees and pumpkins up. After over a decade of being on display, I decided that my NBC cups where too cool not to use so sorry if I'm Instagraming them every two seconds but yeah


  1. Love this look Law! Your dungaree dress is just dreamy paired with orange and THOSE BOOTS. Please. Give me. Hope you and the boys are well my love <3

  2. I am so envious of how well you rock orange! xx

  3. LOVE this outfit! I have a pair of boots just like this which I've not worn for a while, and had an orange jumper quite similar which I stitched some spiders on to last year. I'm not sure where that went though - think my sister might have nabbed it.

  4. I love this outfit - love the colour of that jumper and the glitter boots!
    I'm off for the half term now that I work in a school and I've been behind things too looking after my little brother and sister. It's typical that during time off I've had less time to do anything! I hope your boys like the film! It looks like a good one!

    Cat |


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