Shopping At Westfield

Originally Westfield gave us FashionSept girls, a voucher to get pieces to add to our Lovebox outfit. Sadly I couldn't get there before, so ended up shopping for some new basics for my wardrobe. Me and my fellow FS gal Lois were on a mission, to do an evening shop for some key pieces but when you have a billion shops to choose from it gets tricky. Plus it didn't help getting distracted into beauty stores, and by the mini stalls in the centre. Westfield Stratford City is the U.Ks version of an American mall, every time I'm there I can't help but feel like I should be dressed in pink (coffee in hand of course) quoting Mean Girls. 

There seemed to be a mass of grey and black clothing in the shops at the moment, but as you know I like colour. I stuck to shops I know as I like to try everything on, and it can be a long process. I was tempted to buy myself some bath products, but as my jeans collection was looking tried so I decided to stick to my plan and buy some basics. I was so happy as I managed to get a cute orange skirt on sale, and some stupidly neon pink sliders that Barbie would be proud of. Than I refocused and grabbed as many pairs of jeans as I could to try on, I ended up with three pairs. To me having a good pair of fitted jeans, is just a must as it's the foundation. 

I think once you have that and a few graphic t-shirts your set, plus it always helps to have a block coloured skirt just to change it up. I also got a waterfall sleeveless cardigan, as it is perfect as the weather has been mixed in London. It can be a little overwhelming if your not use to a massive shopping space, at the same time it's perfect if you don't have a lot of time as it's all in one place. Trying to get around London can be a mare, so if you have certain shops you need to go to it's like a magical bubble of retail goodness. Plus there is plenty more this August, they have a free music festival. All you have to do is book a free ticket and you can see live acts in the music cube and listen via headphones. Plus a bunch of summer events like the beach club, not to be missed. 


  1. Love this post... I really need to get that forever21 t-shirt
    I A S F

  2. Love this post! I was at Westfield on Sunday and sometimes I just find it so overwhelmingly busy (especially the Stratford one!) at times that I just stick to shopping online!

  3. Urgh I really need to go shopping here!
    PS the glittery nails are awesome

    JaynieShannon - I follow back :) xox


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