Easy Festival Inspired Makeup

As the last of the festivals are coming to an end, I wanted to share a really easy vintage festival inspired look. I had been looking at photos of Woodstock, 70s Twiggy and Amy Winehouse and wanted to bring it together. I'm no makeup artist, so I'm sure you could make this look a lot more crisp and clean if you have the skills. 

It's a mix of a little modern vs a mix of eye looks from the 60s and 70s, and you can achieve it within under an hour. Firstly prime your skin, if your off to a party or festival you want your makeup to stay put. I've found that a lot of men's after shave balm is perfect for this, sounds odd but the they keep the skin hydrated as well. I use one by nip tuck for men, than apply your foundation as normal and fill your brows. This look is all in the eyes - If you wanted to add a little extra to your skin, you could take a few different shades of brow pencil dot them across the nose and cheeks for some faux freckles. As they make the skin, look more natural and youthful. 

As everything can get a little sweaty, even if you have dry skin, lightly dust with a blot press powder. I used MAC - Blot powder/ Pressed in light, just to make sure everything stays put even dusting over my eyes as this helped stop my eye makeup creasing. Once your skin and brows are done, sweep on a little natural looking blusher. I find if you swept the brush over the back of your hand first to remove excess product, you get a barely there look. 

For the eye shadow I used Urban Decays Shadow box and started off with Smog as my base. It's a pretty dark copper colour, so I blended it out and than started to work a light gold on top. Baked Cowboy is a stunning gold as it's really shimmery, but I kept it to the middle as I wanted to add an orange tone into the look. Taking Freelove, I swept a little under my lower lid and started to work it over the Smog for the start of my cut crease. I wanted it to be a little more subtle than Twiggy's eye look, so I decided to use an eye pencil to start my heavy line across the lid. I have hooded eyelids, so trust me when I say I struggle with cut creases and eyeliner. So I tend to go above my natural crease, and pencil in the line, it doesn't have to be perfect as we are blending it out. Taking more of the Freelove, I went back over blending back and forth sweeps to soften the line. If you get any fall out, just go back over the light shadows in the centre of the lid to make it pop more.

Than I finished my eye look, by lining my eyes and going for a chunky cat flick. If you start by the outer corner and work in you can build your line and it will keep the line flowing so you won't end up with a wobbly out of shape tail. I think it's important to make it as thick or thin as you want. Everyone has different shaped eyes, and as long as you practise you will work out the best way you prefer to line your eyes. I tend to use a pen eyeliner, as I find them super easy to use. If you make a mistake, you can take a little concealer on a thin brush and clean it up after. 

You can add false lashes, but as I wear glasses I tend not to. If you have time, layer your mascara than taking a pair of tweezers lump  a few of your eyelashes together into small points like little triangles  This was a massive look back in the 60s, and than take a fine liner or fine brush and draw on a couple of lashes on the bottom. I find, if you draw a dot on the lash line and work down it looks better. It can be tricky, even I'm still getting the hang of it but the end result looks really cute. I wanted to keep this look focused on the eyes, so I finished the look with MAC Velvet Teddy on my lips. I like that even with a heavy eye, this look is still subtle. I think it's great to build on, like taking some eyelash glue and sticking some gold sequins just under the eye or doubling the black liner with a gold liner on top. I'm looking forward to maybe next time go for a full on cut crease. 


  1. Super gorgeous doll, looooove this :)) xx

  2. I love this although I have never been able to pull off coppery shades!

    Maria xxx


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