Magnum London Popup Store

One of my favourite places in London, has to be Covent garden. It's full of places to shop, but also has some of thee prettiest listed buildings in London. So hearing that Magnum had opened a pop up store just adds to it's charm. Meeting up with one half of the Fashion Sept girls, we had the pleasure of designing our very own ice cream at Magnum pleasure store. Looking at the team dip and drizzle peoples ice creams, I thought that it would be a piece of cake, but you do have to have a good memory and have great timing as I found out. 

We got to experience the process first hand - I put my hands up and admit I totally ruined my first one by placing the ice cream down to quickly after dipping it in chocolate. But with some guidance from their team, my second Magnum ice cream was just right. So how can you create your very own Magnum ice cream, first comes the coating I went for white chocolate. Than you can pick your three topping, there is a massive selection so you can really mix it up. I was thinking what would look cool to dash across my ice cream, but than I reminded myself that I was going to eat this. So while mine was not the prettiest it tasted amazing. I picked dried berries, sliver balls and meringue, than come drizzling it with chocolate and placing a 'M' initial chocolate button. As mine was a little messy I added some extra buttons to jazz it up a little. If you fancy designing your own, for £4.50 you can pick your chocolate coating and three toppings. Where: 7 North Piazza, Covent Garden London, WC2E 8HD Till When: 31th August


  1. OMG that looks ridiculously fun!!! xx

  2. Yum!! If only I could eat ice cream..
    Gold Dust

  3. I just love the colours in this post. And London of course. ☺ You are doing a great job. ☺


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