LOVEBOX 2015 With Superdry

As I waited  for the other Fashion Sept girls at the gate, I felt nervous, excited and overwhelming happy to not only spend the day with friends but to soak in everything that's wonderful about being at a festival. Meeting random cool people, snapping photos on my new Instax mini (I got the purple one * which is my favourite colour) and eating some tasty mac and cheese. 

As Clare cracked open a bottle and we settled down just outside the entrance to put on our flash tattoos*, before heading in. Beth placed some on the back of Annie's leg, which looked amazing. Leigh helped Clare with some hand tattoos, and Lois and Amy took their first snaps on their Instax minis. We chatted and had a good catch up before realising we were still outside. All kitted out in Superdry and SimpleBe, I was ready to dance the evening away with the girls. 

We picked up photographer passes, and than made our way to the main entrance. The girls all looked wonderful, and were all bubbling with excitement. We checked out what others were wearing, Amy and I loved a girl's look who was dressed in a mermaid top and skirt. There were a bunch of guys dressed as snow-white and the seven dwarfs, and it seemed that this year it was about having fun ad not taking it too seriously. Fairies  unicorns, 90s ravers, troll doll wigs, feather headdresses everywhere you looked there was an outfit more outrageous than the next. Yes it looked bonkers, but these people were laughing and just cutting loose. The whole vibe was ' relax it's a festival'.  

Lovebox is massive, with bar tents, food stands, glitter face painting, clothing stands and roller disco there's always something to do. We managed to catch some of Jessie Wares set, but started getting hungry so decided it was mac and cheese time. We also were given some cupcakes from the people at  La Di Da Cupcakes, which had popcorn on top and images of thee Lovebox. 

As I had a quick walk around, a girl with a feather headdress and glitter on her face stops me to take my photo. I love how both blended with the colour of her hair, so ended up taking her photo too. She said she loved the neon flowers or my Superdry dress, before taking my details on what I love about Lovebox. 

Photos by: Myself, Lois from Bunnipunch, Amy from Vintage Reflection. 

Being bloggers we quickly snapped our outfit, and than it was time to grab a drink and settle down for a quick photo swap and see each others mini snaps. The sun was starting to set and we could hear Annie Mac beginning her set, so we headed over. It was amazing neon plastic palm trees and Annie was pumping out the beats. House for the weekend had people going crazy, singing, dancing the atmosphere was electric. Than as her set drew to a close, a ton of confetti bits streamed out. That we were told it was Annie's Mac birthday and the whole crowd sung to her. It was the perfect end to the perfect day. Lovebox is on till the early hours, but we were wiped out so decided to head home. I had an amazing time and look forward to spending more time with the fashion Sept girls. 


  1. wow! sooo need to go to a festival, lovebox looks soo good! x

  2. Great photos - I went on the Saturday and it was such a fun day! x

  3. Love these pictures, you all look gorgeous and it sounds like a lot of fun!

    Maria xxx


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