Getting Festival Ready With Superdry

When shopping for a festival outfit there's a lot to think about, putting your excitement aside about who's headlining. I always start thinking about fun vs cool, I think a lot of people tend to go for a cool outfit and who can blame them. Festivals are the best time to wear things, you may never normally get to wear in everyday life because they maybe to over the top. While you may wear something low key, you can take it to the new level with some kooky head wear and glitter makeup. It's a chance to escape from nine till five you, and explore and play with fashion. As we, and by we I mean the Fashion Sept girls were heading to Lovebox a couple of us (me, Lois and Clare) headed the plush Superdry store on Regent Street to pic up some pieces.

Photos By: Myself and Lois from Bunnipunch

The store itself is the hub of someone who enjoys being outdoors, but still wants to look good when being active. We headed into the Premier section to which was a mix of casual and glam, cotton dresses and sequin skirts there was plenty of choice. The fitting rooms were more like entering a lounge, no waiting around and no rows upon rows of fitting rooms. Anyone and everyone can V.I.P. here, as it's less about getting you in and out of the store and more about letting you try things on in peace. 

I picked up a couple of pieces and found it hard to decide, so me and the girls did the festival vs clothing chat and that a sequin skirt would be fun but it wasn't the most practical as festivals can get dirty. Instead I decided that a cute folk dress would be perfect, and that I could throw on some fun accessorise to play up the folk element more. I also picked up a denim jacket, as it had a pretty flower detail just in case the weather turned and I needed to cover up. I had great fun playing dress up with the girls, and it just made us even more excited for Lovebox. 

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