How I Wear: A Longline Shirt

I'm so excited for this weekend, yes I know it's only Tuesday but we will ignore that fact and move along. I'm off to Lovebox with some other blogging babes, it feels like forever since I've spent some quality time with them and it will be great to hang out and have a laugh. I'm looking forward to seeing Annie Mac, Jessie Ware, and I think I will fangirl just bit at Hot Chip but who wouldn't. I'll be tweeting and that on Saturday, so if you want to see what I'm up to than you can follow along on Instagram and Twitter. 

Glasses: Choies*
Diamond Clip:  ohsewminny - Instagram
Strawberry Bag: Primark
Shirt: Choies*
Jeans: old
Sandals: New Look*

As a short girl I try to avoid any clothing that's really long. As not only does it make me look like a five year old playing dress up, but tripping over fabric all day is not my idea of fun. At the same time I like wearing full length clothing, the way it moves and flows as you walk. So the longline shirt is like the magical unicorn of the wardrobe for short girls. I think they are great for days were you want to be casual, but still look smart. They don't have to boring, I like a shirt with print or colour but you can always change up the look with a necklace a cute bag. I was lazy and throw on my jeans and sandals the other day, as it was still hot in London sadly now it's grey and grim.   

I had a crazy busy weekend, as me and Baz made a desk for our boys that's under the stairs. It was so great to put it together, so they now have their little Marvel den which they have been glued to. I've poured myself back into crafting, so Pinterest has been fuelling my mind with ideas and I'll be share inspiration on here. Let me know what home Inspiration you would like to see. 


  1. Ah, what a fab outfit! I think I'd shy away from a longline shirt as I wouldn't know how to style it.

  2. I always feel like I look shrunken in overly long shirts but this looks fab on you!

    Rachel |


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