Be A Mermaid

If it's a choice of new or vintage, I'd say I'm always in the middle somewhere there's just no 'or' for me. These Sassy world trousers are just one example of why finding the right vintage helps me keep my wardrobe fun. Without having to recreate an era, and just mixing pieces in with the now to keep my look unique. I like buying new too, but as everything tends to be mass produced you know everyone will have the same.  I'm trying to expand my trouser collection, as I'd fed up of always reaching for jeans not to mention trying to get them on in this heat. Where's a fish tail when you need one. 

Biker Jacket: D.I.Y by me
Purple Vest: Topshop via charity shop
Shoes EBay
Bag: Accessorizes (old)

Buying great vintage pieces has never been easier, I've slowly built up my collection and tend to buy pieces I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of rather than just because it's vintage. So vintage trousers are at the top of my  want need list (well the ones of the 80s and 90s)  they have so much character, I love crazy prints and colours. These ones reminded me of the little mermaid, so this kind of became my homage to Ariel. I think she would rock some vintage, with a couple of seashells in her hair. 

I've wanted to wear my upcylced biker jacket for ages, but it's been crazy hot but today I just gave in and wore it as a cape for fear of passing out. The collar of this jacket was awful and falling apart, I decided that rather than throw out I needed to brainstorm a way of giving it new life. I picked up a bunch of scrap wool at the charity shop for a whole 60p, and began making my pom pom army. I'm so happy with how it turned out, and planning to make more. I found my old sequin green bag, which was perfect for today it's falling apart because it's so old but I may as well use it while it's still semi alive.

I think my continued journey to wear what I have, and get rid of things I no longer wear is still on track. It's great because I'm finding my wardrobe fun again, and I'm getting more wear out of clothing I use to ' keep for something special'. I think that's why I do love to mix some vintage in, as it makes everyday a bit special. I've found things I forget I had purchased, and rather than putting them aside I've hang them out as a little reminder on those days I feel like spending because I have 'nothing to wear'. I'll still buy bits here and there, but not like I use to. Do you tend to wear or save clothing you love? 


  1. Those trousers are bloody incredible! x

  2. This outfit is incredible, I LOVE that jacket!

    Maria xxx

  3. Incredible - this outfit is so amazing! Those trousers and that jacket are awesome xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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