Home Inspiration: The Sideboard

I remember a time when even if you had the smallest of spaces, everyone had a sideboard. I think it was around the 00s that everyone started throwing them out, I guess because there was a billion D.I.Y shows on television and they were seen as a reject of the 70s oh how wrong those shows were. Well thanks to the power of the Internet and social media, the sideboard has made a massive come back hooray.  People have shown that actual there's plenty you can do with them, they can really pull a room together. They are perfect as a 'throw it in there' place but also double as a table come art gallery. 

source 1/ source 2/ source 3/ source 4&5 / source 6

Painted or plain, it's more what you put around them and where. The main trick is be selective with a colour palette and placement. Less is more and if you do went to use it for everyday things, than buy a couple of bowls to place keys and other bits you need to keep it looking cool. A nice lamp can add pattern and colour if you prefer not to paint your sideboard. I really love these examples of different ways to style a sideboard in a room, you don't have to spend a loads of money it's more about how you display things and keeping it tidy. 

You can always buy a second hand one and paint it in a block colour or a pattern add legs, change legs or take them away. Or go for new and get something all ready to change your space. I love sideboards and think they are timeless, functional and have endless design possibilities.  Do you have a sideboard, what have you done with yours? 

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  1. I'd love a really cool sideboard, would be so good to store extra stuff in it and keep it out of the way. These are super cool :) x


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