Got Milk

To give my poor skin a break, I wore jeans yesterday. Was I hot, yes but my poor legs needed a break from the sun as even with sunscreen I still got burnt the other day. I'm slowly getting back into my D.I.Y projects, it's been hard as I've not had any real 'me' time lately. I sprayed these shoes, and than glued some crochet flowers to the front as I'm trying to renew a lot of things I already have, rather than spend a ton of money on things I'll probably only wear a handful of times anyway. 

Lame choker: D.I.Y
Rainbow Necklace: Sugar and vice*
Jeans: Topshop (old)
Rainbow Rucksack: Little Marcel*

Me and the boys made necklaces the other day, and of course being a   big kid myself made a 'Lame' chocker. It tends to be a word I overuse and say way to often,  and half the time I'm not really aware I've even said it. I did want one that said 'seriously ' but we were missed to many vowels sadly. One thing that is defiantly not lame is my new rainbow rucksack, I keep 'borrowing' Barry's Eastpack so it was about time I got my stuff a rucksack and give him his back. 

I was in a trippy hippy kinda mood so wore my milk pastel tie dye top, as why wouldn't you. I've been wearing my hair in milkmaid braids for pretty much the whole week so mixed up with some 90s knots. I'm looking forward to wearing some other D.I.Y bits I've made and just forgot about. This happens more often than I would ever like to admit, most of the time I hide things away as my two little boys pull things off or try wearing them. Which I don't mind on things that are easy to fix, but when I have spent ages on something I try and wear it once before it's destroyed by them or my cat Molly. Molly is a pom pom thief but I'm sure if I was a cat I'd do the same. 


  1. Your shoes are totally cute, love that. And the top. I hope the sunburn gets better, no fun!! ave a wonderful week x

  2. That top is freakin' awesome and I need it in my life!

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