How I Wear: Denim Jacket

Years ago I dyed my hair red, I guess at the time I had the wrong hair cut didn't dress as well and I swear that I would never back back to the colour every again. Now I think maybe it was the wrong shade, the wrong time as now it feels like a perfect fit. Say that I was told by the boys (my two sons) that my hair is orange and not red, err thanks for that lads. Either way I love this colour and feel that it knocks off a few years, were as the black was a little harsh. Being a new redhead sorry having orange hair, I've found a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that look better on. Blue has to be one of my favourites, it warms my skin and makes my hair colour more intense. 

Denim Jacket: Superdry*
Sequin Top worn over dress: Romwe*
Dress worn underneath: Vintage
Skin art: Flash Tattoos*
Sliders: Old
Floral crown: Rosie Bud Crowns*
Bag: Old Accessorize 

One thing is for sure, that denim suits everyone, the only real trick is knowing what wash is best for you and getting a good cut. Personal you can never have to many jackets, this applies even more so when it's a denim one. As options on what to wear it with are endless, I thought as I had a sequin top on I would dress it down a little with flats and the jacket. As I'm still trying not to 'save it for something special', and it felt really good to wear sequins during the day and to no where important. 

I've been slowly getting back into wearing head wear, so of course had a look through my floral crown collection. I like the different shades of blue in this outfit,  and I'll defiantly be wearing this combo again. Maybe throw on some chunky heels and a clutch for a date quick date night outfit for when me and Baz go out. The boys are off for six weeks, so I'm already brainstorming ideas to keep them busy. I have a couple of projects I want to do with them, that I may share on here if you have little ones too. What's your favourite colour to wear at the moment? 


  1. This outfit is so cool! I love the colour scheme, and that sequined top! You do look great with orange-y hair :)

  2. Your hair = my current dream colour, although work might not let me get away with it :(

    I LOVE your "how I wear" posts, you have such a kickass sense of style x

  3. incredible outfit! thought that top was from discount universe when i first looked, can't believe its from romwe! may have to snap that one up! love how your hair compliements the blue flower crown , u look lovely :)


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