Somewhere Over The Rainbow

As you know by now I love bright colours, and unicorns, novelty bags and rainbows. But my rainbow obsession is reaching new levels, and I'm loving it the more I have the merrier literally. Months of illness had left me so flat on the ground, the idea of pulling on clothing should make you happy not feel like a massive chore. So yes rainbows, print and pattern and 70s vibes are my go too for feeling good. This rainbow necklace from Sugar and Vice is great for low days, as I can still have my bright colour without having to do anything but pop it on. It's from their 'The whatever the weather', which is super cute with lighting bolts, raindrops, sunshine as well as the rainbows. I love a funky piece of acrylic jewellery.  

Rainbow Jacket: Old
Lips Top: EBay
Rainbow Necklace: Sugar & Vice*

I've finally finished my knitted top, it ended up becoming a vest as I did it without a pattern and was low on wool. So I'm going to start on a knitted jumper and than a shrug. I have a ton of D.I.Y clothing I'm currently working on, it's been great to really sink my teeth into sewing, knitting and customising my wardrobe. I think I spent 70% of my teen years jazzy up hand me downs, not only because I couldn't afford to buy the latest fashion. But also I've always struggled to find 'me' clothing, nowadays there are so many amazing brands that make cool, kooky wear. I've just ordered some crochet needles, as I really want to get started on that too. I still have a long way to go with my knitting, but I think rather than worrying about what I can't do it's better to practice and gain more skills along the way. I'll share a post soon with all my D.I.Y clothing, and people to watch to help you -If your interested in crafting things for yourself. 


  1. Oh that bag again! Love it!

  2. Love this outfit, I can't wait to see more of your DIYs!

    Maria xxx

  3. love love love this whole outfit!! that jacket is soo cute matched with the acrylic necklace. u look amazing! :) x

  4. Oooh, I love the mix of patterns here! *o* That rainbow jacket is an absolute dream too!


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