How I Wear: Off The Shoulder Top

Okay it's not that off the shoulder I'll admit, but I'm digging this 80s top it has a fun print and colour and I love how it fits. I can move this to completely off the shoulder, I think I would wear either my a line leopard print skirt or maxi skirt when I do. They are super easy to style, and they are great if you want a break from vest tops and t-shirts for a casual look.  

This was a super casual school run outfit, so I wore my new jewelled sandals and throw on my high waisted jeans. These sandals are so beautiful, they have iridescent rainbow jewels that really shimmer in the sunshine and they are super comfortable as well. Sometimes it's really hard to wear what I want, as I know it's basically my job to embarrass my kids but I try to tone it down. Like I mentioned the other day, I'm trying to keep to the promise I made to myself to be more crafty. I picked up this amazing rainbow wool in the charity shop, so in-between other knits I'm working on for the boys I thought I would start making something for myself. 

80's off the shoulder Top: Vintage EBay 
Jeans: Topshop
Jewelled Sandals: New Look*
Cross Necklace: Primark

You may think I'm mad, making knits in summer, but at least come the winter they will be ready to wear. I figured it was too nice to be stuck indoors, so while Logan played on his bike I did a little in-between making sure he was smothered in sunblock. I didn't spend to much time out, as my migraines are back so that kind of ruins life. As I just have be in dim light, and not do anything that needs focus which is very little. I have my fingers crossed that it will ease or be gone by this weekend, as I suffer with chronic migraines. Or no sun, no knitting and no fun. I'm looking forward to taking the boys out, and tracking down the ice cream truck as it's not really summer without a cone in your hand. Got any craft projects your working on? 


  1. I LOVE the print on the top x

  2. Hi Beauty! Feel like I've not commented in so long, so thought I'd say "hey"
    You're looking totally gorgeous, love this look! The top is awesome xx

  3. Wow what a lovely, vibrant and quirky outfit, I love it! I used to knit with my Mam when I was very young, wish I kept it up as I find it such a intricate skill to have so good on you! :)


  4. So so cute, I love all the colour :) x


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