Coca Cola Lip Smackers

Yes more Lip Smackers, as you know I also have the Frozen collection - Still going strong by the way. But these are even better because yes they are the Coca Cola Lip Smacker range oh mama. Cute packing check, amazing flavours double check in the past I use to only wear lip balm. Sadly back than a lot of the balms use to be sticky and waxy, and the flavours were very limited. It was a choice between strawberry or vanilla. Lip Smackers literally blew the whole flavoured lip balms out of the water, it's only a matter of time before you see the next crazy amazing flavours with them. As well as the Coca Cola range they also now have a Original Fruit set and Chupa Chups. 

These were not a let down, of course I have my flavours who doesn't but honestly there wasn't any that I wouldn't use. With the pack you get eight drink flavours to pick from, and although the sticks have colour they are not pigmented at all which I personally think is great. You get three Coca Cola flavours which include - Vanilla, Cherry and original Coca Cola these are my favours at the moment. Than you have Sprite, which has a lemon smell and taste. Than the Fanta range - Orange, Strawberry, Grape and oh my word the Pineapple which if I had to pick just one it would be that flavour.I love the packing as they look really cute, but it's practical as well. You twist the bottom and use what you need and the cap clicks back on firmly. I have long nails, so hate having to dig product from pots these are great to use on the go as like I said there's no fear of pigment everywhere. 

When I was a teen I wasn't allowed to wear lipstick, I'm pretty sure a lot of you teens out there won't be either. I think half my school bag was weighted down with lip balms. So these are great for if your not allowed lipstick, or maybe you just like wearing lipstick. I found the texture is perfect, the balm glides on and they actual smell like the drinks. There's no waxy or sticky texture, and it keeps lips hydrated. The flavour fades after about 10 minutes,  so it won't effect anything you eat or drink throughout the day. If you have chapped lips it may not be as effective, but if your just after some lip balms that are fun and will keep your lips soft through out the day they are worth getting. I could easily have a draw full, I tend to dot them into different bags so I always have one. I think if you are younger it may be a nice idea, to buy the pack with friends and split it up. You can also buy the different flavours individual if your not a fan of all the flavours.  These are priced at £12 from Claire's which may seem pricey, but you get eight lip balms and they are good quality so I think they are worth it. 



    Damn, I definitely need some of these in my life, as I'm more likely to wear these than lipstick...

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  2. love those lip balms!


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