How I Wear: A Knitted Vest

Yesterday was actual amazing, the sun was shinning and I met a friend for lunch before heading to the park with Logan. It feels so good to feel a little more myself and not feel so ill and drained, and fingers crossed I can ditch more layers and actual start wearing my summer wardrobe. I mean it's June, it needs to happen already. As it was still a little chilly, I'm still layering up summer tops. I got this beautiful rainbow one off EBay, I'm obsessed with knit at the moment probably because it's been winter for what feels like eternity here in the U.K. I finally wore my new Boohoo platforms, they look awesome but they rubbed a bit sadly so next time I'm wearing them with socks as I can't handle having to plaster the backs of my ankles. But yes I'm looking forward to this heatwave that's coming, so will be breaking out all the fun prints and colours in my wardrobe. 

Ice cream shirt: Old
Knitted rainbow vest: EBay
Purple jeans: Topshop
Strawberry Bag: Primark 
Cute kid - my own 

I've also started knitting again (note the last time I knit anything I was 15) , I'm not the best but as part of my 'try and craft more' promise to myself this year I'm not giving up. I've made two snoods for the boys, and I've started on a cardigan for Logan. I find it really helps focus my stress, as I can zone into what I'm doing. 

Talking of which, Logan decided to photo-bomb my outfit photo today. He maybe three years old, but his already into what he wears he picked this outfit out today and actual demanded ' I need my photo taken'. How could I say no, his such a little cutie and I love that he unlike his older brother Corben likes his accessorises - When I took the photo of his bag, he held onto his hat because of the wind bless him. Corben doesn't mind them, but gets bored and takes them all off after an hour. Logan took his kermit bag every where today, we picked him up in the charity shop when I was on a wool run and after Kermit came out of the washing machine has not left Logan's back. So yes things are starting to feel normal again. What are you excited to wear this summer? 


  1. How gorgeous do you look?! Only you can pull of this mixture of prints and colours. :) X

  2. LOVE that ice cream shirt.

  3. Ah I was eyeing up that strawberry bag!

  4. You look so cute and summery, and as for Logans bag.. well.. I'm jealous!! What a little sweetie!!

    Hunter //


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