INIKA Light Reflect - Highlighting Creme

As someone who has pretty dull skin, no matter what I do. I'm always looking for products that give me that beach goddess glow, without having to slap on fake tan or damaging my skin in the sun. As a pale girl it can be very tricky to get that shimmer just right, as with black skin if the shimmer is too harsh it just looks a mess. It can give you that 'this was free from a 90s magazine look' which is the biggest no nos of all makeup no nos. Thankfully INIKA vegan friendly by the way and totally cruelty-free, have designed a highlighter cream- Light Reflect* aka summer skin in a tube. That gives coverage without clogging pores and leaving your face looking like the moon. 

I grew up in a time where everyone was getting it wrong, because it was the 90s. There was no You Tube, to show that actual having half a tube of highlighter on your face looks silly. Highlighters back than creased like mad, and by the end of the day, night out you had sweated off the pool of sliver anyway which was probably a bonus. So yes highlighters have come a long way trust me.  

The highlighter comes in a tube with a screw top lid, so perfect for traveling and product comes out easily. I've been using it all over my face, by mixing it in with my foundation, as I like I said my skin is super dull. Just make sure to use a primer or moisturiser before applying to keep your skin looking dewy. 

It's so beautiful and has this incredible luminous finish, it blends out easily and you only need a pea size amount for a full face or to use with contouring. It's better to build it up, than use a ton and make your skin look cakey due to clogging up your pores with too much product. You can pat the highlighter on the bridge of the nose, gentle across the cheekbones and if you take a small angle brush apply it to your cupids bow to make your lips pop for contouring. If your not into the dewy look, you can apply some powder to the forehead and under the cheekbones. 

My skin is super dry, so I tend to use as little powder as possible. I made the mistake of buying a matte foundation, which is leaving my skin super dry. So I think once I have used it up and gone back to my normal foundation this will look even more dewy. So don't be silly like me and use this with a moisturising foundation than a matte which will leave it looking dry and not sit as well. You don't have to use this with full makeup, you can just use it over bare skin which I'd love to do if I didn't have such uneven skin tone. Anyway I love the finish of this highlighter and think it will be a firm favourite in my makeup bag. 

It's priced at £17.00 for 8g - I think it's well priced as you don't need a lot, remember build it up don't pile it on and it will last ages. This will last me around a good five months, or more of everyday makeup before I have to buy again so I think it's worth having.


  1. This looks gorgeous, adding to my ever growing makeup wish list!

  2. Aww wow you look beautiful and so glowy! Might have to purchase myself some of this wonder stuff!!

    Hunter //


  3. You look incredible here, you are glowing!

    Maria xxx


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