How I Wear: A Spongebob T-shirt & Rainbow Wedges

After food poisoning last week, I know for a fact this week has to be better. It's been so annoying not being able to do anything, share anything and just have a head full of ideas  that you can do nothing about. It seems I can't catch a break on the health front, so now that I'm starting to feel myself again I fully intend to pour myself back into to things. Before what seems like a lifetime indoors, I managed to pick up some bits from Primark. I got this pineapple bag, and natural when I saw a Spongebob top had to purchase that too. 

Faux Fur Coat: Next*
Headscarf: Vintage
Spongebob T-shirt & 
Pineapple Bag: Primark - Current season
Black Trousers: H&M

This outfit was very thrown together, I think I'll feel more like dressing up once I get back to normal. I think sometimes when you have been out of sorts, it can take a while for you to care about clothing or makeup again. I tend to dress like a crazy bag lady when I'm ill, as I still have to run around after the kids. I still have a ton of my winter wardrobe out, so really need to switch it up and break out all my summer threads - With the odd jumper and cardigan just for those chilly days. My clear out has gone really well, and slowly I'm selling things on EBay. As a massive hoarder, this really has been a massive step for me and I hope that I can rid myself of my floordrobe and try to slim my wardrobe down to want I wear.

I'm being a lot picker with what I buy too, and I'm going for things I know I will wear for a least another year. I'm not a massive trend person, I tend to wear what I like so even if it's not 'in' it doesn't matter. But I must stay strong and firm, as I don't want to end up like this ever again. I've gone back to shopping from charity shops and vintage so I'm pleased about that. I'm also lowly making my way through all my D.I.Y clothing projects, which is taken ages but I think once they are finished they will look awesome. What's your best tip for clearing out your wardrobe? 


  1. haha floordrobe! im totally in the same boat as u n desperately need a clear out! time for Ebay i think! Depops ment to be quite good as well but not sure if its more expensive to sell stuff on there or not - check it out! loving the spongebob tee - the pineapple bag to match is just perfect! :) x

  2. Wow! I've just found your blog and your style and fashion is incredible! I wish I could dress like you x

    Amy //

  3. Love this look, the rainbow shoes are awesome!! I need a clear out myself. I have a lot of stuff I don't wear any more as it's so dark and boring and I wear more colours now. So, I think I'll sell it on, so I can then more than likely buy stuff I've been looking at, haha!! Have a great weekend doll xx


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