How I Wear: Double Denim & Flares

As I mentioned I've been crafting my heart out, and the best part about making things and customising clothing is wearing it. I have a bag that's filled with random bits and bobs, so when I found some left over felt I decided to cover this plain shirt in little pizzas. Because what's better than a rainbow, errrrr a rainbow and pizza slices that's what! *drools on keyboard. I hate wasting things, so I'll always think about changing an item before parting with it. If it's just not me, than rather than attacking it I'll sell it or give it charity. There's no point customising something you know you won't wear. 

Denim Jacket: Levis*
70s Sunglasses:  Primark
Pizza Shirt: Customised by me
Navajo Flares: Boohoo
Bag: From a swap shop
Shoes: Next*

The trick with mixing most denim is too either pair light and dark, or if your brave you could go for block denim - I tend to avoid this as it doesn't seem to flatter me. I'm trying to break away from always wearing my denim jeans, and like to mix it up a little. So I think a denim shirt and jacket can be the best way to double up, and than add some colour or pattern with a cute skirt or trousers. As this Levis jacket has that 70s road trip feel, I throw on my Navajo patterned flares and wore my massive sunnies. Than the sun decided to go in, so sadly didn't wear them for long I'm glad I layered today. I've almost finished working on an old jacket I decided to upcycle, and waiting for it to get a little warmer so I can wear the knitted vest I made the other day. Of course this rainbow necklace is out again, it's just so cool so sorry but I'm just going to glue to my necklace just thought I would warn you now. 


  1. LOVE those flares, so awesome! x

  2. I love this outfit, it's so much fun!!! <3

  3. such a fun look!

  4. I'm a big fan of flares at the moment, so much rainbowey goodness <3
    Frankie X

  5. You look amazing, I love your DIY!

    Maria xxx


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