Nailbox: The Only Nail Subscription Box In The U.K - May

If you are a nail polish addict, and you have never heard of Nailbox I honestly don't know where you have been - Probably waiting for your nail polish to dry while watching  back to back episodes of *insert your favourite show here* over on Netflicks. Don't feel bad as they only launched in April, but are fast becoming a must for those of us who love treating our nails. 

Unlike beauty subscription boxes, Nailbox is just for nails. You can pick how long you would like to subscribe, and at the end of every month you'll receive your box of products to your door. I like that these come in one box (no frills), so you can easily recycle it and don't feel bad about having to use it- I'm sure a lot of you got fed up after a while of having to find use for all those extra boxes, and evenly throw them out. Nailbox  is focused on product, so you get full sized products and a good mix of brands. May's box has sold out, but if you hurry you can get Junes -Which states that there will be three full sized nail polishes and the best top coat you have every used and a nail tool. Sadly at the moment, they don't ship outside the U.K but I'm sure the more they grow this will change. 

Nailbox for May *
In The Box

Elegant Touch - Professional cuticle pusher & Nail Cleaner: This is such a great tool to have, I did have another one by a different brand ages ago that was not as great. the best time to use the cuticle pusher is after a bath when your going to clean your nails and change polish. As they will be soft and easier to managed. The nail cleaner is great for me, as I have long natural nails and I use it for under my nails and on the sides. It also cleans easy, I'm happy to have one that works. 

Nicole By O.P.I ' Alex By The Books': I adore Modern Family and Alex has some great one liners (my favourite character is actual Phil, but Alex comes a close second). I really like this shade as not only is it in keeping with Alex's character- Smart and sensible, but it's a beautiful pastel mint and I think great for wedding season as it goes with just about everything. I managed to get a nice coverage with one coat, but for a perfect coverage I used 2 coats.

Essie 'Status Symbol': I think this is the third Essie polish I have ever owned, as I tend to have my favourite brands. This is actual a really soft more grown up pink, the formula is  pretty smooth and with 2 coats you can get full coverage. 

Rimmel London 60 Seconds ' Lucky Lilac': This was by far my favourite polish I'm a massive fan of these and actual have never tried this colour before. It has a great formula and only took 2 coats for full coverage and it really does dry quickly. It has a warm pink tone, which is unlike most of the other lilacs I have which are all blue. I think this is great for if you want some girly colour, but are bored with pink.

Orly Color Blast 'Fiery Orange chunky glitter': Sadly this was my least favourite, I'm not a massive fan of this rustic orange. Maybe for Halloween as it's a pumpkin shade, however the glitter is very pretty. It's holographic and the more you layer, the better it looks. I will be saving this for winter, as I think it may look pretty over a black polish. It applied well, as it's a jelly polish and again looked good after 2 coats.

I used 'Lucky Lilac' as my base colour, and than used a toothpick to dot on 'Alex By The Books' just around the edge of my nail and than added 'Status Symbol' and added a top coat of clear polish just to seal it. This is a super easy nail art fix, if you just want to add a little colour.

What Does it Cost?

There are four options to pick from. There is month to month at £15.00 per month, but if you pick a longer subscription you get a discount. If you want to try it out for a little while you could get a 3 months subscription for £14.50 per month, or I think it would be lovely to give a years subscription for a birthday present * hint hint at £13.50 per month. I've had boxes before, but I love that this is just for nails as I'm more like to use everything. I was impressed by the full sized bottles, and like the fact that the boxes will sometimes have tools and accessorises in. Money goes into product not endless packaging, which is really important to me as someone who hates waste. What do you think, would you try out a box like this? 


  1. This sounds amazing! I've already told my friend about who is obsessed with nail polish! I get my nails done otherwise i would totally buy this!

    Courtney |

  2. A Modern Family range? Ooooh! That's a nice colour too.

    A Little Twist Of…

  3. I heard about this and think it's a great idea! Really love the shades you got in this box, especially the lilac! x


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