Primark A/W15 Collection

Usually at press days I'm not sure where to begin, and even at the event I try and edit what I would actual put on here rather than just filling my camera. As great as some collections are, no one wants to spend five days scrolling through one post. I was shocked, well no actual more utterly gobsmacked when I arrived at Primark's A/W 15 press day to see one collection there. Part of me was a little scared as what if I got in closer and there was literally nothing I would like. But as I made my way down to the back, my eye's began to dart with delight. On first glances I would have said there was nothing for me, but my eyeballs caught a glimpse of faux fur and than a lace blouse with bell selves. It was held in the Elms Lesters painting rooms in London, so I really liked the abstract layout also as sometimes having to take it turns to get to a rail can kind of take away from what your looking at. 

Of course Primark will have more in store come August- Fear not quirky t-shirt lovers, but it was actual refreshing to walk in and see some of what will be in store rather than ram our brains with so much that you can't take in anything. While not everything appealed to me personal I did spot some amazing pieces, pieces I know you will be elbowing each other out the way for. Who could blame you at £14 for a pair of sparkle brogues!

My eyes were drawn to the faux fur coat (pictured above), which to me could have fallen off the back of Margot Tenenbaum correct me if I'm wrong but of course I'm not so lets throw that on the want list now. Did I mention that it will set you back £35.00, I know right *throws money at Primark now and cries into the soft faux fur goodness. 

Than there was a super cute pinafore, which you could style long into 2016. Did I mention the pom pom flat shoes, I mean this is Primark like we have never seen it before. For a collection not is not very me, I still want at least five pieces. This collection is like Alexa Chung and Florence Welsh got together, pulled all their favourite pieces it's literally understated brilliance. The collection turned out to be snippets of four collections when I got home and looked at the look book - With the band, Frontier, Dark victoriana and Fitzrovia. Either way, it worked.

A mix of 60s and 70s pieces are always going to be the type of staples you need in your wardrobe. Vintage vibes are never far out of fashion, but this Autumn winter it's time to really embrace these eras as they aren't going anyway. Personally I love a mix of the real deal and some high street. What do you think of the collection? Pieces will be making there way into store from August onwards. 


  1. Omg they've absolutely nailed it - such gorgeous pieces! I can't wait to see these in the shops! Thanks for sharing xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. I can't believe how amazing all of this looks for Primark! Don't get me wrong, Primark is my go-to shop for a lot of bits but you can sometimes notice that the quality isn't as good as other stores. These pieces look incredible though- thanks for the preview!

    Hunter //


  3. Primark shoes are lovely, my feet are way too skinny to wear most of the styles sadly :(

    JaynieShannonx, I follow back


  4. wow! everything looks amazing *adds erraythang to wishlist!* x

  5. Those yellow strappy shoes hidden in the background are amazing. They look so painful but I want them!


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