Festival Woes: I Just Want To Be Comfortable

 Festival fashion from Spartoo 

So you have a festival coming up, but you want to look cool without having to actual make too much effort. Why should you have to wear something that you don't feel good in, to me it kills what a festival is actual about. So here's some outfit inspiration to keep you looking fresh and fly, while everyone around you is moaning about how they are fed up of their outfits an hour in. You can just enjoy the music, and get those important Instagram pictures to prove that comfortable can still be fashionable. 

Things that will help your experience: 
Even if it's just a day festival, here are some handy things to take with you. Of course if it's longer than you will need a hard wearing suitcase and loo roll. Lots of loo roll.

A Patterned Rucksack- The lifesavers, there's nothing less cool than seeing someone at a festival with half their stuff falling out of their bag. Rucksacks come in a mass of colours and prints, so let them be an added pop to your outfit. You can fit everything in them, they also double up as a headrest for if you want to chill at any point. You can also get creative and add some details to them, pom poms, patches it's up to you. Functional and fun. If their not your style, go for a bag that can be worn across the shoulder. Keeping your phone and money safe and everything is easy to hand. 

Wet wipes/ Sun Screen/ Sunglasses- Because lets face it festivals are messy business, and it's nice to have the option to wipe the day glow makeup off before heading home. Or wet wiping your hands if your like me and always drop food on yourself, because your trying to eat and dance to the music. Festivals mean dancing, walking and eating in the sun so don't forget to protect your skin and eyes. Burning your skin is not big or clever, so put on some sunscreen and grab your shades. Sunglasses can be another way to add to your outfit, you can go for uber cool or maybe go for some funny silly shades. Festivals are about having a laugh so if you fancy wearing something more out there go for it. 

Portable Phone charger- You can bring your camera, but no one really does that nowadays because smart phones have fancy cameras and it you can filter and upload everything straight from your phone. So don't cry into the stranger next to you when your battery runs out. Bring a portable charger and your be snap happy all day, just double check you have the connecting cable before you leave. 

A light jacket or sweater- It maybe blazing hot during the day, but the evening time will probably be a little chilly. Also if it rains than at least you won't be freezing, make sure you can roll it up and it doesn't take up to much room in your bag. 

Comfortable shoes- Comfortable does not have to mean boring, go for an open sandal make sure they have a strong sole your feet will thank you or a cool pair of trainers. Sliders are still a must, so grab a bright pair for slipper like comfort, with some style. Trainers are great as they add some colour and fun to any outfit, but also protect your feet if you have to do a lot of walking. I usually wear my high tops, I have a bunch in different patterns and even if I just wear them with jeans they always give your outfit some edge, plus they look really cute with a dress. Or don't forget about wellies if you know it's going to be muddy, again there are so many colourful and patterned ones now that they can really make your outfit. 

What are your must haves for a festival? Do you have any tips on lifesaving tips to share?

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