How I Wear: A Skirt With Converse

There's nothing better than a stroll in the park, as much as I do love living in London the lack of space and nature is some what depressing. Barry and I decided to take our youngest to the park for some much needed fun, we dropped his brother off at school and headed to the nearest bus stop. It made such a change to be out and not going out for shopping for food or clothing. Just out, to be and enjoy. 

I'm in such a casual mood, I think while I want my outfits to be fun I'm just in no mood to be uncomfortable at the moment. These converse have been worn to death, but they honestly are like slippers so my heels can take a back seat for a while. Go for low tops if your shorter like me, as it gives you a little leg length.  I wore the skirt more high waisted, as it suits my pear shape more. How friggin adorable is this skirt by the way, I love heart prints they are girly and fun and just put a smile on my face. This one actual has a matching crop top to it, I'm still for some silly reason not that confident in my midriff section. I know no one cares, and that there is nothing wrong with it but I feel more relaxed being covered. So out come my old My little pony tee, and I found this cute heart bag at the bottom of my wardrobe. I guess running around after a three year old also plays it part in dress at the moment, so relaxed fun vibes are my go to.

Light Coat: Primark
My Little Pony T-shirt: Primark
Heart Bag: Old
Trainers: Converse*

Where I was stuck in for the holidays due to ill health, it seemed like stepping back into myself again being able to be fun mummy. We feed the ducks and enjoyed some lunch with an audience of pigeons, well it maybe a park but it's still in London. Sometimes taking kids for days out isn't always fun, they get bored, tired, need the loo non stop and a fun day can easily turn into a chore where you rush around and miss things. So those easy days somehow remind you what it can be like, to just enjoy a moment. The boys were really good on the weekend, so it's one of the best we have had in a while. I'm looking forward to this weekend, Barry's sorting my wardrobe (If I can get it looking neat enough I may share the finish result) and we will be going to the park again if the weather is nice. Where do you like to escape to in your spare time? 


  1. I'm sure that it won't last but at the moment my allotment is my little escape - I have a few ongoign projects down there and it's such a calm and peaceful site. Love your outfit. I will never be brave enough for crop tops.

  2. I love this outfit, so much!

  3. super super cute look!!!!

  4. Loving this skirt and top. Was looking to get this skirt as well, good to see it on someone, looks gorgeous x

  5. This is amazing, I literally can't get over how gorgeous you look! I've followed you for a while now and this look is definitely my fave <3

    Hunter //


  6. You look lovely here!

    Maria xxx

  7. wow! love this look, how pretty is that heart skirt! . keep seeing little gems popping up this week from Batoko, am gonna have to start paying that site a visit more often!


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