Crappy Meal

Scarf worn in hair: Vintage
Top: Old - Ebay
Cardigan: Topshop via Ebay
Jeans: New Look
Bag: Ebay
Shoes: Next* Hearts adding by me

When I first saw this Moschino bag on the catwalk, I knew that as much as I loved it I would never own the real thing. Than I saw that Doll skills had a dupe with the fantastic  name of  'crappy meal' bag which was like the real one, expect the handle was not plastic and of course it didn't have the writing on the back. But both sold out within days, of course like I said I would not have been able to get the real deal but I had the cash all ready for the other. Anyway time went by and I let it go, than a couple of weeks ago on one of my EBay hunts I saw itSo natural I didn't even think about it and I'm so happy as it's perfect. As much as I would love to own a wardrobe full of designer bags, I also would rather spend the money on my kids. Either way I don't have the cash to splash, but my kids still get spoilt. I believe that life is too short for me not to treat myself, to the odd things here and there so if you do have it why not get what you want. I do believe in supporting designers, and if I can I do like to buy from independent stores. 

My wardrobe is a real melting pot of fast fashion, vintage, thrift and up-cycled.  This outfit is possible one of the best examples of said mix, as I have a little of everything on. I really like these sandals as they are comfortable  but give me a little height. They were plain and still nice, but these hearts patches have been floating around my home for ages. I whipped my glue gun out and I'm really happy with the result, they are super cute and I think I will wear them a lot more. Plus it's another tick on my craft plan, trying to get more creative. Saying that there are some things it's just impossible to make, no matter how creative you are without it falling apart after two minutes trust me. 

Which is probably why I'm really loving eBay buying at the moment, I've treated myself to a couple of vintage shirts and some shoes I'm planning to customise. I'm also working on some other crafty projects, as I can't seem to find want I want without it costing a crazy amount at the moment. I've also been selling a lot too, as I think it's time to let go of clothing that someone else could be getting wear out of.  What's been on your wish list for ages? Are you buying the real deal or looking for a substitute, I'd love to know.


  1. so sassy!! xo

  2. You look fantastic!! Love the top and bag! I saw the bag on ebay as well and for the price, why not!?! It's just as cute and marvellous as the designer one. And having money to buy your kids things they enjoy is best of all :) Hope you have a great day :) Kizzy x

  3. I have a few real deal items, but to be honest with handbags, I figure that I get bored so easily I may as well go for the cheaper novelty end of the scale.

  4. I LOVE your bag! I usually go for the dupes as I can't see myself investing so much money one item. Would rather spread my money around.



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