Hopping To It With Fifi Lapin & Iconemesis

Fifi Lapin rabbit iPhone 5 case: Iconemesis*, Faux fur keyring: EBay, Smiley earring: Depop

I'm not sure what happens inside my brain, but I get bored easily so as you have noticed on my Twitter and Instagram I'm forever changing my phone case. I guess there are just too many cool ones and it never hurts to have options right. Talking of a girl (or rabbit rather) that gets bored easily, it seems Fifi Lapin has a wardrobe to dead for and is forever in something new. She's one of the most flawless fashionistas around, and we would be lying if we said otherwise rabbit or not. 

Of course I absolutely adore this cases by Iconmesis, it's actual my second Fifi Lapin case - Yes I'm style stalking a bunny, and I'm not even sorry. Iconemesis has a massive range of cases, this one is also on sale - Yep you get one for a tenner. I wish I had an iPhone 6 as the new cactus case makes me shred a tear of joy, it's so cute. Plus there is a new Fifi case of her looking fab in the rain. Anyway this case is doing well, I've had it on for around five weeks - Which for me someone who likes to change it up daily is a small miracle. It's a hard case and clips on really easy, I've found with some of my cheap cases they take ages to get on and off. I love all Fifi's little outfits, they are super cute. I like that there is a big enough gap around the camera area, somethings reflects etc are a mare and can ruin a perfectly fab photo. So as much I love some cases they are just not practical. Like I said this is the second one I have of these, but there are tons of designs to choose from. They are only available to iPhone users at the moment. 


  1. I get bored easily as well, this case is too cute, love it :)) xx

  2. What a sweet little case! Seriously wishing I had an iPhone because of all the gorgeous cases that seem to be on offer everywhere.

    Hunter // paisley-stripes.blogspot.co.uk



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