London Fashion Week - So It Begins

Tomorrow I will be heading to Somerset house, this year I decided that two days (Saturday and Sunday) would be more than enough to get my fashion fix. I really enjoyed last season, there was a wonderful mix of vintage meets modern that I hope to see even more of this season. I'm embracing vintage fully this season, and can not wait to share my outfits with you. The important thing is to have fun, you see so many who act as if the cobbles are their catwalk. I'm focused on seeing new designers, snapping some cool style and seeing some of my favourite blogger friends. I have my checklist ready, which mainly consists of checking I have gadgets charged, and my memory card for my camera. I'm excited to see what the designers will bring to the catwalk, and enjoy the craziness of it all. You can follow me on twitter and Instagram for live updates @law1sfab


  1. can't wait to see what you wear!

  2. Some insaneeeeeely cool looking people! Love this post!

  3. Hope you're having a fantastic time!!

    Hunter //


  4. I need the shoes the non-smiling women in ecru is wearing! Any idea where I can find them?


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