London Fashion Week - Keeping Up On The Cobbles

No one eats at fashion week right ...err wrong. 

Believe it or not you do have to eat at London fashion week, there's a myth that no one does and everyone struts around living only on air. I can tell you now, you won't get through the day. One season I was so busy that I barely ate anything, it was awful my energy levels dropped my photos were blurred and I ended up going home early with a headache and missing three shows. Not chic darling. So rather than just show you what I've been up to on Day 2 of London Fashion Week, I've teamed up with popchips to let you in on what a blogger really eats .. Well not every blogger, but sane ones who wants to last the week. 

9.00am - I'm up and half asleep, I need to make sure I have everything I need for the day. Memory card in my camera, phone at one hundred percent, show invites and a couple of snacks a breakfast bar, apple and two bags of popchips as I know it will be a while before getting lunch. After my first cup of tea I decided that I may as well eat my breakfast bar now, as I don't want to be munching when there are a heap of cameras around. 

11.00am- I'm almost at the cobbles and drink my water and eat my apple, once I'm done I see that it's cold and quiet. Usually the place is a buzzing, but I'm guessing that everyone must be at shows and take advantage by going to stock my bag to keep me going. I nip to the shop, that's just around the corner and get a bottle of cola - I need some sugar, some comfort it's so cold and I need the energy. 

Fashion Scout - Some of the amazing new designers show casing work.
Me trying to get a signal to check my twitter without much luck.
Shireeka - from Only Child.  

1.00pm- I've been snapping away and now can't feel my fingers. I get some really great shots of people, and stop every now and than as someone takes my photo. It's like that at fashion week, a circle of people taking pictures of people taking pictures. I take a quick break to look around for people I know, I have a quick caught up before everyone has to dash to go to shows, get street style photos and go for food. I finally get to met some people I follow on different social media accounts, one being Shireeka who is the studio manager of Only Child Jewellery

We chatted about fashion, designers she has her own label too and than decided it was time for lunch. I quickly wrote down what I'd had so far in my snack dairy, and than remembered I had popchips in my bag and start nibbling. I check my twitter and manage to get some signal, I update @Fbloggersuk and quickly check the photos I've snapped on my phone to tag designers and show bits and pieces of collections and designers sowing. 

Bunnipunch Lois being street style snapped.
Only Child jewellery
Cat Brothers new collection 
Ashely Williams display.

2.00pm- Me and Shireeka headed to a burger bar, and were so happy to be sitting down for a while. We bumped into Stephanie - StephiLareine and her boyfriend, who were sitting on a table near ours and all move to a bigger one so we can enjoy lunch together  They had been to the NME awards and I wanted to hear all the gossip on what went on, as predicted Javis cocker is a legend and it was generally fabulous.

We all shred a little tear of joy, at how amazing our burgers had been (and cheesy chips) and it was time to head to Fashion Scout. We spend a few hours at Fashion Scout as there is just too much to see. Some of my fave designers are there Typical Freaks and Clio Peppiatt, so I chat with them about inspiration behind the current collections. Once I can finally bring myself to leave, we get handed some frozen yoghurt on the way out it's yummy but cold and I've had enough of cold for one day. But I'm more than happy with the coconut water which gives me the boost I really need to go back out in the cold. 

5.00pm -6.30pm- The day is almost over, and so I decided to head back to the exhibitions at Somerset house to get more photos and talk with designers. I still have another bag of popchips but leave them till I'm on the way home. I try again to check my email and twitter with no luck and have a show to go to. I starting heading to the show, but I'm pretty cold still and tried from today and decided I really should go home and recharge. I had a great day, but will be back so need my beauty sleep. Eyebags are not very chic. 

I'm currently at Fashion week today, so head over to my twitter and Instagram @law1sfab to see what I'm up to.


  1. Fashion week looks amazing! and so do youuuu!

  2. I love your hair <3 The ends look like rainbow candy canes! I really like the darker colour too :)

    I agree, eating is so important! But it's so hard to find time for that ;( especially on short film festivals I just tend to eat while I'm running to the next movie theatre... Planning my day better could help.


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