Dying Hothair Extensions : Pink Into Purple

5 piece hair extensions: Hot Hair*

The other day I sadly had to bin my faithful extensions, as they had reached the end of there life and been worn to death. I usually wear extensions non stop or not at all, and as I've been missing long hair I have been looking at invest in some new ones. The ones I had before where pretty cheap and they did hold up but were really thin. 

The nice folks from Hothair asked if I would like to review a pack of theirs, so I did a little dance around my room at the knowledge I would soon have a mane of hair once again. This is the five pack, so great for styling a ponytail, plait and wearing your hair on one side. If you want a full head than you will need another pack or go for the 10 piece. If you hair is longer it will blend easily, but if you have a shorter length like mind you will need the extra hair so it doesn't have gaps. I'll be showing you next week, how I style my hair using the 5 piece pack to give some ideas. 

Today I want to show you how I dyed mine to blend in with my hair (pink into purple), if you have dark hair than you can still do this just add a darker shade at the top to blend with your natural colour for some fun pop of hair colour. The extensions come in really nice packaging, and the instructions on how to pop them in are easy and clear. There is also instructions on how to care for them, so follow those careful so you don't damage them and you get a lot more life out of them.  

What you will need:

  • Your hair extensions- Make sure they are clean and dry if your dying some you have already. If you have colour in them, they will need bleaching so that they are blonde again. 
  • Gloves- They usually come with box hair dye, it helps to have a couple of pairs but if you just have one you will need to wash them when applying the second colour. 
  • Brush- I usually keep the ones I get in bleaching kits, but you can always buy them off EBay
  • Bowls- for mixing your colours
  • Hair dyes- I used - Bleach London* Rose for the middle , Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 93 Shocking Pink for the top and Crazy Colour Lavender for the bottom. 
  • Old Towel-To dry them or for cleaning up any mess. 
  • Cardboard or black sack  - I used the packaging from the extensions, but anything you can lay them on is fine. Foil is also a great idea, as it will help colour develop. 
  • Comb- You don't want a brush as it will be to harsh on the hair. 

  • Lay your old towel down on whatever surface your using as your dying area. Than take your cardboard- Like I said the box the extensions came in was perfect. So that you have everything ready to begin taking your extensions one by one to start dying. You want to take your gloves pop them on and start mixing up your colours you want to use into each bowl. If the colour is too dark you can always use a silicone free conditioner to lighten it. Just remember that the colour should appear a little darker than the shade you want. As it will always come out a little lighter than how it appears. Once your dues are mixed it's time to start dying. 

  • Make sure the extensions clips are open, you don't want to be trying to open them when you have put dye on. Lay the largest piece out first, I usually start with the back of them so this is clips upside. I eyeballed where I wanted the pink to stop. But you can always place the extensions in and make a faint mark on each where you want the second colour to begin. Use something that will wash out easily to mark it with, or maybe a bobby pin or hair slide to get a rough idea. I added the shocking pink at the top, I than flipped it over and covered the other side. Leaving a little at the ends to add my other colour. 

  • I did this for each piece, I combed the colour half way down and rubbed it gently with my fingers to make sure the hair was grabbing the colour. Than I played them flat on top of one another clip side open up. If you don't have a second pair of gloves or brush, than wash the ones you have for the second application of colour.

  • Than I took my second colour the lavender, and covered all the ends you can always lay them flat out again and do this one by one. As I've done it a lot I like to bunch them together, and after combing the colour in rub the colour. Also you need to blend the colours together, so blend the shocking pink down with your fingers, than blend the lavender up with your fingers. This will get rid of any harsh lines so they look more natural. 

  • I decided to add some Rose in the middle, as it's a lovely tint and I thought if there were any blonde bits they would blend it nicely and give the hair a really effortless look. Now it's time to leave the colour to soak, I left mine for 2 hours in my bathtub on top of the cardboard to get a really vibrant colour. 

Lastly wash your hair extensions with cool water and a mild shampoo, making sure to be gentle. Also do them one by one, this will save them getting into a tangled mess. I like to hang mine up to dry on some ribbon, but you can always leave them to dry on a towel. If you use a hairdryer use it on the lowest heat. 

So these are how mine turned out, they are so nice and the quality is amazing. I really like how they look curly, and I love wearing them in a side plait - I'll be showing you some simple hair dos next week on how I style mine. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or tweet me @Law1sfab. 


  1. Oh these look amazing! I wish I could pull off this colour hair it looks so nice.
    I've just started my blog yesterday so please can you check it out, elle-cg.blogspot.co.uk
    Thank you :) x


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