How I Wear: A Midi Dress

Carmen Dress: Chi Chi Clothing*
Blue Bucket Bag: eBay 
Biker Jacket: Primark 
Boots: River Island  (old)

As a pretty short girl, I try to avoid the midi dress were possible. They tend to cut me off at the wrong point and I just end up looking like like a five year old dressed in there mums clothing. Cute when your five, not so cute when your a grown women. Than there's that odd diamond in the rough, like this beautiful midi dress the print is letting me fool myself it's spring already but the shape. The shape of this dress is everything, it pinches in at the waist and I like that it spans out at the shoulder. It's great for faking an hourglass figure, as I'm more pear shaped and it gets extra brownie points for the fact it has pockets. I don't know about you but I always tend to look for a pocket subconsciously and it's more than a bit embarrassing when your trying to shove your hand into nothing. 

I would usually grab some chunky heels, but as it's still freezing in London, I'm settling for my faithful river Island Boots. I've had these since last year and they are still going strong, not the most ladylike but I'm rather that than blue toes. Speaking of blue I decided to keep it simple and play up the colour, so grabbed my bucket bag ascould fit the kitchen sink in here if needed. To give my over sized coats a break, I went with my fluffy cardigan (cleverly hidden) and my good old biker jacket. It's a great way to tie in the black but keep my shape. That's the trick my shorter friends. It's all about keeping shape, so if your going midi opt for your shorter coat or jacket with some hidden layers underneath. Midi dress talk aside it's been a busy week, gearing up for London fashion week - Still have no clue what to wear, but it will be warm that's for sure. 

I got a spare hour to myself (can I get a high five from you mums reading)  so went to see the Thea Porter exhibition which was amazing, clothing from the 70s yes please. I also ended up dying my hair, I had got some dye but not enough so had to wing it and mix all the dyes I had. I'm pretty happy with the colour. To be honest I'm surprised I still have hair, it's damaged and dry and well yeah ... I hope your having a nice weekend. I'm trying to do more with mine, as I got stuck in the ' maybe next weekend' pattern. My purse won't thank me I'm sure, but I hope I'll have more to look back on. 


  1. That dress is just sooo pretty! I love the classy Parisian stripes and the flower print reminds me of Marimekko's lovely poppy prints. The design of that dress is simply genius!
    And you're such a beauty :)

  2. Oh I am so in love with this dress! xo

  3. I do love a dress with pockets! You look like a modern day princess!!

    Hunter //


  4. You look beautiful here, that dress looks like it was made for you and I LOVE your hair this colour!

    Maria xxx

  5. you look incredible!

  6. Simply stunning. The shape of that dress is so flattering!

    Vanessa xx

  7. Your hair's looking lovely as usual! If I mixed a load of dye knowing my luck I'd just get a horrible green mess. You're rocking the midi length too, chichi always pull through : )


  8. This is one of my favourite posts you've ever done- you look amazing! x

  9. This one is definitely not one to avoid - it looks amazing on you. Another Chi Chi dress to dream about - I wish I could afford one. Still lusting after the pretty pink one you wore at your birthday but this is amazing too. x


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