Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you? Presents up to your eyeballs, stuffing your face with treats. Maybe seeing the smiles of others as they tear back snowflake themed wrapping paper. Maybe it's time to reflect on your year and all that your grateful for. You have worked hard and it's time to enjoy what you have worked for. As much as I love Christmas sometimes it's hard, I think about those that should be here that have passed. Than friends and family that are living else where, who always put a smile on your face. 

Cupcakes from Hummingbird sent from my friend Trish who lives in Australia (P.s Merry Christmas lovely I wish you were here) 

At the same time, Christmas may not be all that you planned. You may have missed a few things off the shopping lists, and it's been a stress fest. But when the big day comes all that stress feels worth it, and if your in doubt because maybe you didn't get exactly what you wanted. Spare a thought for those that don't have friends or family, those that don't have a tree because they have no home. Those that have their family but are in hospital, to fight to live another day. Sometimes Christmas can feel like a disappoint at times, but taking time out to see just how lucky we are. Sometimes I've overlooked this fact growing up, complained about presents, not smiled for photos, moaned all day about being bored. But if I could have those moments back, I would soak them in. Tomorrow I'm going to stuff my face, play games with the boys, smile for photos and make it fun. I'm sure like most of you I've tried to give back in little ways, giving money and buying products that support charity, donating toys and clothing because they will make a difference to someone somewhere. You don't have to be Santa to make someones Christmas, it's not all about presents or food the most important thing is time. The time you spend together, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. 

But if things are too much and you have no one to turn too, whatever maybe happening don't ignore your feelings. Depression is very real, and more than just feeling a little blue know that your not alone. The wonderful Big Fashionista, has posted a contact list that has numbers to talk to people who care. You are worth someones time so pick up the phone. 


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