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Jeans: Topshop
Lipstick choker: old 
Moon and Stars Jacket: Vintage via EBay 

I keep forgetting that I have a bunch of draft posts that are always half finished, so like today's outfit post it's a little late soz but I want to try and change this for 2015. I want to make sure if I start a post I finish it, as it gets annoying when you have taken and edited photos and than don't use them. I really like this outfit, I got these checked creepers as they are a great  flat footwear alternative to my converse. They are a little chunky but I guess that's because they are creepers. They have a heart detail at the lace and they give me extra height, which is always a winner for me. 

I think my staple this year has been the faux fur collar, and I have got to a point were I found it hard not to wear one. This baby blue one goes so perfectly with this vintage jacket I got off EBay, I think it may have once been a fancy dress jacket. Honestly I don't care, and I'm looking forward to it getting warmer again so I can wear it to death. I seem to live in jeans at the moment, I think when your not well and it's cold you just give up caring (well I do) so warm jumper and jeans has been my go to. I'm going to wear a dress for Christmas day, as I'll be in the warm I have no fear of being chilling and feel that I should make some effort this year. What are you going to wear for Christmas day? 


  1. You are SO cool! I love what you wear - it is so fun and always makes me smile. I have no clue what to wear xmas day. Have no means to buy a new outfit so thinking I will dig out a dress I have only worn once or twice as I am a nightmare for doing that with dresses!! Xx

  2. amazing!!


  3. Such an awesome outfit, I'm really inspired!!
    I totally added that jumper to my eBay watch list too, it's a must have :O


  4. I love how colourful you always are! I'm wearing a jazzy dress but I haven't decided which one yet :)

    Maria xxx


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