New Years Eve Outfit - Girly Style

Photos by: Barry Lean
Faux fur clutch: New Look via ASOS (my secret santa present)
Flower tiara: Debenhams*
Lime faux Mongolian scarf: Select Fashion

As New Years eve is just around the corner, I thought that this year I would show you two ways I would dress up for the big night. In my twenties I loved New Years and would throw on my best, and go to Greenwich with Barry and have chinos or Mexican as it were we had our first date. As we now now have the boys, it's a lot harder but I still enjoy dressing up and cracking open a bottle with Baz. 

So here is my first outfit, a mix of Meadham Kirchhoff, Country Love and Glinda from the Wizard of Oz. Think sequins, tiara and a little faux fur you don't have to go for pink but have a little fun and be a princess of the night. I love this star sequin dress, as it gives me room to dance around and has a stunning iridescent shimmer. I love a bit of pink, it's fun, girly and may not be classic but it can still be classy. If your going out I would hope you wear a warm coat, you don't need to wake up with a hangover and a cold trust me. The faux fur stole will keep you warm as well as look amazing. As I wanted this look to be really girly, I also dusted my lids with pink and ombre pastel pink lipstick. It's okay to be a little more over the top, it's New Year's eve so break out those dresses you have been saving all year. I'll be sharing my second look tomorrow. 


  1. This outfit is insane! Love all the colours!!!!

  2. Oh gosh, that dress! If you ever decide to part with it gimme a shout! x

  3. Very cute! Looks perfect for a party :D



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