St Ives Natural Inspired Beauty

I'm a massive fan of less is more when it comes to skincare, and one of the part I love the most is a good face scrub. I use them and face masks around once a week, as I have spot pro skin but it's also dry. There's no better feeling than when a freshly washed face, but sometimes it doesn't feel great after. Some scrubs are too harsh or packed full of chemicals, and it ends up leaving your skin overly tight and sore. 

The more natural a product can be the better, and this was the theme behind St Ives natural inspired beauty evening at the Daisy Green Food Cafe. Not only did we get to make our own face masks, (something I have always loved to do) we also had our own natural beauty illustration by the insanely talented Zarina Liew over at Cobalt Cafe. I'm getting a frame for mine I love it so much, it actual matches the colours of my kitchen. They also give a talk about food, and feeding our skin from within and that eating things like Avocado, fish, nuts and seeds give back to the skin. Me and the girls got really stuck into making the face masks, in between a nibble of strawberries we mixed our ingredients than put them in an air tight jar. I used a spoon of coconut oil, honey and fresh avocado as these are best for my dry skin. They are great fun, cheap and easy but if you don't have time than why not try a St Ives Scrub. They have a massive range and each scrub is end a fiver! Bargain. 

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  1. I can always rely on St Ives for a good face scrub! Your hair looks epic Law x


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