How I Wear: Faux Fur & Marble Print

Pastel faux fur: Boohoo*
Marble Print Top: Acidclothing*
Jeans: D.I.Y
Purple Converse: Cloggs*
Necklace: Sourcherry *

Yes I've dyed my hair again no surprise there, I've also finally been able to start wearing my new fluffy coats. I saw this pastel one back at Boohoos A/W press day and knew I had to have it. It's finally cold enough in the U.K that we can wear those winter coats, the streets are filled with shades of orange and brown leaves and every other person seems to have a coffee cup in their hand. 

Still I like to think that just because it's getting cold, you can still wear as much colour if not more than you wore in summer. Acid Clothing are a great brand for getting a little rad in your wardrobe. As you know I love tie dye, so a brand that have marble print tees, seem to be the next step on from tie dye. I love that these are handmade, meaning each top will be different and unique. It reminds me of being little at school, blowing bubbles  through a straw into paint in water. Than careful placing paper on top to get an awesome rainbow marble print. This however is far better, as I can wear it and I don't end up eating paint (I was a chancer at school ha ha. How would you style up a marble tee? I'd love to know. 


  1. Amazing outfit! I love every little detail, especially those jeans! Love your blog :)

    -Sophie (


  2. Love this outfit, those jeans are awesome!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love your colourful, quirky outfits.


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