Learning More About Hair Colour With Bleach London

As someone who changes hair colour, as often as I change shoes I would say I've learn a thing or two about hair colouring. Yes I learnt the hard way making mistakes with both bleaching, and on getting the right shade and tone for my many hair colours. So there's always room to pick up new tips and to get the best possible hair colour. Those tips are even better when they come from Alex and Sam (co-founders of Bleach). 

  • Get inspired: What colour do I go for? What will suit me? Bleach have all the inspiration you need, with regularly updated Lookbooks on their site and daily peeks at customers hair do's over on their Instagram your question won't be what will suit me, rather which should I try first. If your new to hair colour why not go for pastel (this seasons hair trend) if you have every colour going than why not try rainbow. The possibilities are endless and with so many how to's floating around the internet, just go for it.

  • Bleaching at home: I was chatting with Alex and saying that maybe if I used foils while bleaching, maybe I would get better results. She said you can but they don't use them at Bleach, she said that as long as you mix it well and start from the front and work your way back (roots first, than the rest) and leave it on for the recommend time it will work just as well. 
  • Colour on your skin:  Coat your hairline, ears and neck with vaseline, lip balm or conditioner this well stop hair colouring your skin. If you do get colour on your skin, use makeup remover and the colour should go. Use an old towel for covering shoulders and wear old clothing when dying. Also if your messy put down some newspaper/ old towel on the floor to stop you destroying your bathroom floor.

  • Getting even coverage: As shown below if you have long hair, adding the colour in sections and than twisting helps with making sure the hair is evenly coloured (great for dip dye). If your doing a full head of dye, just like with bleaching do roots first and work down the lengths of hair. 

  • Keeping colour bright: If you have one colour in your hair, add some dye into your  conditioner bottle a couple of tablespoons shake to mix it and than next time you wash your hair leave your condition in for a while after shampooing.

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  1. I just bought their new release Violet Skies! So excited to try it <3


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