How I Wear: Clashing Prints

Floral Dress: Charity shop
Blue Bag: TK Maxx*
Record Necklace: Old
Shirt: 90s Vintage
Shoes: Primark*
Gold heart Belt: Beyond Retro

I love clashing some print on print at the moment, I think summer makes me want to wear every print going. Sometimes even when it's not quite right it works, you need to just go for it. I've had this shirt since I was 13, I loved printed shirts in the 90s and this was one of my faves. These Primark leopard print sandals are still going strong, I was shocked that they have not fallen apart as I've worn them non stop. They have been my summer stable.  I'm stuck in a 90s wave, and just want to fill my wardrobe with vintage and watch movies from my teenage years.

So you may have noticed my new hair colour, but I have a whole post all about that so you will have all the details. Its been great this last week as my other half Barry has been off for some of the holidays, so we have been trying to keep our boys busy and happy. We took our little monsters to TGI's for a long overdue family meal out, and soaked in the atmosphere at Covent Garden. It was great the sun was shining and it was so nice to not be stuck in, as we have been having our kitchen done (which has been nice and stressful). Still it's all good, the weather has made for an ennoble summer. I'm looking forward to layers and hot drinks now for autumn, and having some more fun days out with the boys. 


  1. And once again you look bloody amazing! x

  2. You look just so gorgeous, I love your colourful outfits! X

  3. Love this outfit and your hair looks amazing! x

  4. Love that belt, what a find! I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear my huge furry leopard print coat, bring on winter ;)

  5. Gorgeous outfit finished off perfectly with those nails! x

  6. That record necklace is fabulous!!


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