It's A Paris Thing

White Floaty Top/ Stripe Trousers/ Cross Bag/ Gem Necklace

Some times I'm not always in a kooky mood and I like looking more chic and sleek. I think that I have dreams of being Carrie Bradshaw in Paris, apart from the part where she steps in poo (I'll leave that bit). I love French style as it's so effortless and clean, it's more about simple pieces that still have a ton of style without being too in your face. Looking towards the autumn I think I'll be wearing more prom style skirts with quirky tees. 

I also want to get some stripy trousers, as they are bold and will be perfect with all my jumpers (yes I said jumpers, summer is almost over we have to face it sadly). I tend to live in jeans, so I'd like to mix it up more I wear trousers. I like a gather waist band as I have an odd waist to hip ratio and I hate when trousers are ill fitted around the waist. I'm going to buy some vintage pairs I think as they have such fun prints. I love this clock bag, I think a fun bag will be a must this A/W and it's perfect for adding a little spark into any outfit. I like some spark.  


  1. I love the YSL shirt! It's my favourite brand.

    Emma x

  2. That floral skirt is a beauty!


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