How I Got My Colour Banding (Tie Dye Effect)

If you read my blog all the time, you will know I love to dye my hair my latest is this blue into purple and pink tie dye effect using the colour banding method. I would have liked to have more pink in the middle, but sadly I run out so first thing is make sure you have enough product to cover your hair or you will have to mix in another dye. Saying that for my first try at this style of dying, I usually do doped ends or section colour like in this post I kinda like it. As I tend to get a bunch of questions of what I used and how I did it, I thought that every time I change colour I'd write a post on either tips or just what colours I used. It's great for me to as I can use it as trail and error and also for colour play as sometimes I forget what combination of dyes I've used. So lets begin. 

Firstly I had to bleach my roots, I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL 00A Absolute Platinum as it's not as harsh as some other bleach kits. Never apply bleach to clean hair, it strips your hair of oils so making sure you leave it a couple of days will give you the best result. Make sure your hair is dry, than follow the instructions step by step, make sure the bleach has no lumps and is yoghurt like in texture (it may be a little runner). This will insure that your hair won't break and that it lifts and you get the same colour over all. I skipped toning my roots as I was going to apply dye once my hair had fully dried, but you can use toner if your using pastel shades to remove the yellow from the blonde, making it more white blonde.

I'm using:
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 96 Turquoise Temptation*
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 94 Purple Punk*
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 93 Shocking Pink*
Bleach London Bruised Violet* 


Sorry I don't have step for step photos, my camera died half way, so instead I have tagged where I have used the dyes. Sort out your colours, by making sure they are all pre mixed in bowls and it helps to have at least two brushes. If you once have one make sure you fully clean it between applying colours. I started with the top section and made sure to cover my roots than started on the lengths with Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 96 Turquoise Temptation*. Next I took Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD Purple Punk 94* into the top part of the middle section and blended up with my fingers. 

Than I blended it down so that there where no harsh lines, to create a more tie dye effect I added more of this colour in the front to give the colour a more star burst effect. Next I started at the back with Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD Shocking Pink 93*, and again blended with my fingers into the top and bottom  (like I said I run out of pink so had to blend more of 94 into it. Lastly I took Bleach London's Bruised Violet* and started from the ends with the brush and than blended up with my fingers. I also adding more at the front and blended up to keep it darker at the sides and lighter in the middle. Left the colour on for two hours, and rinsed out with warm water. You may found you have little patches  that you missed, you can always do a top up dye and leave this for an hour. It's worth doing as it will give you a more professional look. 

That's it, make sure you use plenty of conditioning products on your hair as it will need some love and may be drier than usual after a fresh bleach. Please let me know if you have any questions, via comment or tweet me at @law1sfab 

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