How I Wear: An Off The Shoulder Dress

Cupcake Dress: H&M
Necklace: Topshop
Shoes: Primark* 
Bag: old

It's been so much fun having Baz (my other half ) on holiday from work, we have taken our boys out and enjoyed the last of the warm summer days. Soon it will be getting cold and I'll be digging out tights, so this summer even if I loath them I've been getting my legs out. I am trying to over come my body hang ups, and enjoy trying  new styles like the off the shoulder dress.

I've seen these floating around the old blogsphere and been waiting to find the one. Lucky for me H&M produced this beauty which has a skater skirt bottom rather than being bodycon. Also how cute is this cupcake print, they have some amazingly kooky pieces in their divided section with Batman prints and all sorts worth checking out if you like a little fun in your wardrobe. Yes I know it's those Primark sandals again, but they give me a little height and honestly are so comfortable. We went for a walk down by the river, and ended up getting on a tourist gallon The Golden Hindu which the boys loved. Growing up my mum use to take me to all the tourist parts of London and I loved it, I think as I got older I forgot just how lucky I am to live in a place full of so much history. It's refreshing to rediscover the exciting parts of where you live and not take it for granted. 


  1. You look gorgeous! Your figure is perfect! X

  2. You look absolutely stunning, your hair is beautiful! XOXO

  3. Gorgeous dress! Love the colour and it really suits you xx

  4. Ah that dress is made for you, looks divine with your hair colour! And the shoes are too cute x

  5. I've been hunting for a bardot neckline top for ages now, after seeing some on Amber's blog and thinking how great they would look with skirts. I've been totally failing, though - it's like the shops think that if you want off the shoulder, you also want it to be croppped. Um, not for me. :(
    love this dress on you!

  6. I love this dress, that print is perfect with your hair!

    Maria xxx


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