How I Wear: A Crop Top & Trousers

Printed Crop Top: TK Maxx*
Black trousers: H&M*
Aztec Bag: Primark
Cut Out Boots: River Island*

So this past week has mostly been spent indoors, as we are finally having our kitchen fitted. Yes it will be great when it's finished, but it's so hot and the boys and I could be having fun days out so I've been feeling 'meh'. This weekend could not have come quicker. As we have had no washing machine (and I pre-washed enough clothes to last a month), I've starting thinking I should wear either new things to my wardrobe or things I've never worn. When I first saw this crop top I wasn't really sure I could style it, as I really don't tend to wear crop tops. Thankful found these old high waisted trousers so it covers my tummy area, which I'm much more comfortable with. 

I'm changing up my hair colour yawn (yes I know I change it non stop), and if it works out I'll be sure to share a post as I have some great colours so fingers crossed for me. My heat free hair month is going well, it's been two weeks now and my hair is already feeling better and looking a bit curler than before -I have natural curl hair that has been killed by the bleach. Exciting news I did a photo shoot with Cage City which I'll also be posting about. Feeling even more love as the folks at Riddle feature me. So apart from being stuck in it's actual be nice to have a little time out from events and blogging every day. But I'm pleased to be back in my swing, and really looking forward to events gearing up to Autumn. 

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